Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back in San Luis Obispo

This weekend Darcy and I, as well as Sean, journeyed back to San Luis Obispo for the first time since May 4-6th, 2007 (I wrote about that weekend here in Narduzzi Nation's fourth ever post). We stayed with our friends Mike and Kelsey, who live and work in SLO and bought a house in the Madonna area of town a couple years ago. Here they are pictured with Sean, who happens to be smiling:

I took the day off on Friday and we left for SLO at 8:45am, getting us there before noon. We went straight to my 18 year old sister's dorm. After checking out her new digs, we drove out to Mike and Kelseys to "move in" for the weekend before heading downtown to Firestones for lunch. Firestones is by far my favorite food establishment in all of SLO, and maybe all of California, or perhaps the world! The Tri-tip sandwich is to die for and the atmosphere is as good as it gets for a sports fan. There are huge projector screens as well as plasmas showing sports, sports, and more sports.

Friday night we ate dinner at Woodstocks Pizza. Trisha made it to town from SF around 7:30. After eating and hanging out a bit we went home to go to bed and Trisha and Beth headed to the dorms to do the same.

Here is Sean Saturday morning after a good night sleep (we moved him from his pac 'n play to the bed) :

Saturday the three of us ventured out to Arroyo Grande (south of Pismo) to see Melissa and Shannon's house. They live several miles east of 101 up on a hill in the barn of a huge house with a magnificent view. We are glad we got the chance to see it. Very nice place! Melissa works in Santa Maria as a speach pathologist and Shannon is getting his teaching credential at Cal Poly.

After eating lunch with them in AG, we drove to downtown SLO to meet Trisha and Beth, who were shopping. We sat outside Starbucks for over an hour talking, drinking Starbucks beverages, people-watching, and passing Sean around.

I bet that lady in the background didn't know she'd be making it onto Narduzzi Nation!:

Beth with Sean:

The Narduzzi siblings with Sean (Darcy's taking the picture):

Saturday night Trisha & Beth came over for a bbq at Mike and Kelsey's. Melissa and Shannon came over too, but after dinner. Sean got dressed up for the social gathering:

We stayed up pretty late talking, but Sean didn't quite make it that long:

Today we left around noon after another meal at Firestones, this time with every NFL game on all around us. It was once again delicious! When I said best place in the whole world earlier, I meant universe.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Sean Talking Video

Just in case you didn't get enough of Sean making sounds from the video Darcy posted yesterday, I thought I show you the one I took last night.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Message from Sean

Here's a message from Sean :). He was eleven weeks yesterday, it's crazy how much and how fast he's changing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Shape to Start Season

With the birth of Sean my life has changed in many ways. One of those is that I no longer want to work all day and then go to the gym afterward. If I do, my time spent with Sean is too limited. After work, I want to be with Sean and Darcy, not at the gym!

To fix this problem I've been bringing running clothes/shoes to work and running 4 miles at lunch. Over the past two weeks, I've done this four out of five days. It's my new lifestyle. It turns out my office is located right next to a great dirt trail used by Cisco employees and many other silicon valley workers.

Because of this new dedication to working out at lunch, I entered last night's East San Jose Church League basketball game in good shape. I wasn't huffing. I wasn't puffing. Rather I was able to focus on playing basketball and not how much I needed a breather!

After only a 7 point lead at halftime, we blew our opponent away in the second half and ended up winning by 30. The teams will get a lot harder, but nevertheless it's nice to be 1-0, something we weren't last season after one game.

We have a bye next week and there are no games on November 3rd, so the next time I have a game America will have a new President (although not inaugurated). I plan to continue my running and stay in shape so hopefully I can lead my team back into the depths of the playoffs!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sean Sean Sean

We stayed home this weekend and enjoyed spending time with Sean.  He is continuing to get stronger and is getting much more vocal.  It's starting to sound like his sounds mean something to him even though to us they sound like "agoo", and "oooh".  When he makes these sounds we respond back to him trying to emulate the sound he just made to encourage him to talk.  

Saturday night we went out and Darcy's friend from work Ronda watched Sean.  Here is Sean with with Ronda's two sons right before they went for a walk.

Over the last week we've taken some cute pictures of Sean.  Here are a few of the cuter ones:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SRHS Class of 1998 Reunion

My reunion was Saturday night, and despite fairly low turnout, a run-down hall, and plastic silverware, it was a blast.  Even though I say fairly low turnout, a large number of my close friends from high school did attend.  Many of them brought their significant others that I have come to know over the years.  I would guess there were around 100 people there (including significant others) but I really have no idea.  Darcy fit in with the crowd great and had a good time. 

The event was held at the Druids Hall in Santa Rosa.

In addition to seeing my friends that I have been in touch with since high school, I was able to talk to some people who I hadn't seen yet this millenium, or if I had, it was maybe once or twice randomly, which doesn't count.  Included in that list is Ben Pither, Joe Greaves, Corey McCarthy, and Ryan Smith.  I found out my friend Nick Philbin had moved to Portland with his wife Susan, and saw my good buddy Tim Pollard for the first time in many years.  

As the night got going so did the dance floor.  Darcy was a mainstay on the dance floor as well as many of the significant others who weren't as much about catching up with people but more about just letting loose.  Here Darcy is pictured with former Santa Rosa High School student body president Zoe Gnesda (formerly Zoe Sather) who now lives in Sacramento with her husband James and their two daughters.

Before heading to the Druids hall we met at a bar in downtown Santa Rosa called Stir.  Here's a picture of all the ladies there:

I was reminded why I loved high school so much.  My friends are a fun bunch!  I just hope it doesn't take another ten years for us all get together again.  


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


- We will be going to Santa Rosa this weekend for my ten year high school reunion. I am torn between thinking it's only been ten years and it's already been ten years since the sweet days of high school. I just found out my good buddy Dylan will not be at the reunion because he has to jet up to Portland for a job interview that came up rather quickly. My dad and I are squeezing in a round of golf at Oakmont on Saturday (of course).

- Last weekend Darcy's good friend Melissa visited us from Arroyo Grande. She hadn't met Sean yet so made the 3 hour drive north to see him and hang out with us for a day and night. We shopped, went on a 5 mile walk, and went to dinner.

- The weekend of Oct. 25th/26th we are heading down to San Luis Obispo. We will be staying with our college friends Mike and Kelsey who live in SLO (Madonna area), but will be seeing Beth and Melissa and her husband Shannon as well. I can't wait to see Beth's dorm room, meet a few of the people she lives around, and walk the campus again. We don't have any plans other than that while we're down there, but it's a given we'll eat at Firestone's and walk around downtown as well. We'll be bringing Sean and it will be his furthest trip from home so far in his life.

- In the baseball playoffs I'm rooting for a Dodgers/Red Sox World Series even though I like seeing Tampa Bay do well. I'd love to see Manny go up against the team he played half the season with, and think it'd be cool to see LA and Boston battle it out in the finals in two sports in the same year (the Celtics beat the Lakers in the NBA finals). And even though as a Giants fan I'm supposed to hate the Dodgers, I don't right now. I think it's because the Giants are so bad. Similarly in football, I used to hate the Cowboys in the mid-90's when they rivaled my 49ers, but now that the niners are bad, I've grown to almost like the Cowboys. I'm sure when the Giants get good again I'll hate the Dodgers again, but for now, I don't mind them.

- My East San Jose Church League Basketball league starts up on Oct. 20th. Last season we lost in the first round of the playoffs after going 3-3 in the regular season. It was a bad season all around and didn't make the blog at all as I was too occupied with sharing with you Sean's every move instead. Perhap this season I'll fill you in on how we do.

- I'm giving this away kind of early but Sean is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. We bought him a pumpkin costume in the mall on Saturday and already put it on him to test it out. Adorable.

Friday, October 3, 2008

McDreamy Stands Up!

Our friend Shen got Sean an adorable t-shirt that says "McDreamy". Here's a video of him wearing it, and he's standing up! He's been doing this for about a month but over the last couple weeks he's gotten a lot stronger. Sometimes I can't get him to sit down because he only wants to stand. He also cracks a little smile towards the end...enjoy!