Wednesday, September 3, 2008


- Sean turned 4 weeks old on Tuesday, September 2nd, and will be one month old on September 5th. He changes every day, with his neck getting stronger, smiles becoming more frequent, and more alert time. Despite some crankiness, he is still a good baby. He sleeps well at night (for the most part) and typically only cries when he's hungry. However, he can be a little difficult during feedings, acting like he's done, and then whining a minute later because he wants more food, and over again and again a few times until he's finally had enough. We've got to the point where we just expect that he will do this to us. Hard to blame him though wanting a good burp and break before continuing.

- Darcy left Sean with me alone for the first time yesterday when she ran a few errands. During this time I introduced the bottle to him and he took to it right away. Darcy left again tonight to play bocce ball and I am watching him again. After a long feeding he has been sleeping ever since. I am staying busy writing this post and watching Nadal battle Fish in the quarter-finals of the US Open.

- On Monday our friends Andrew and Krissy invited us over for dinner. Sean got a chance to meet their six month old daughter Malana.

I also got this cute one of him in his car seat. After I buckled him as we were about to leave I decided to bust out the camera and take a few more shots. I'm sure glad I did!

- I bit the bullet and signed up for fantasy football again this year after telling myself I wasn't going to. It's a different league from last year that I was introduced to through a colleague at work. I'm excited to see how my team does as the NFL season kicks off Thursday, September 4th. Here's my team:

I'm happy to have Romo back since he led my team to a championship last year, but who knows how it will turn out. There is a lot of luck involved, not only for your players to have good seasons, but also to match up against the right teams at the right times (when they aren't having record weeks).

- My little sister Beth leaves for Cal Poly on September 13th. My parents will finally be empty nesters for the first time since December 18th, 1977. Beth will be studying nutrition.

- We have three busy and exciting weekends coming up. I'd hate to spoil them by telling you what we're doing but stay tuned for pictures and recaps right here.

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Krissy said...

Sean definitely looks a lot like Jeff, but I finally see a little bit of Darcy in the car seat picture! Too cute. :)