Monday, September 29, 2008

Sean is almost 8 weeks old!

Tomorrow Sean will be 8 weeks old and we can't believe it! He is getting so big and changing every day. Each morning when he wakes up he gives us a ton of smiles, it is so cute. He also loves to stand up, something I need to get on video for the blog. This weekend Jeff's friends Dylan and Tarik came down to visit and meet Sean for the first time. Here are some new pics...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Time

Every evening Sean is awake and alert for about 4 to 5 hours, which is the longest stretch we get all day. Usually he's awake for about an hour in the morning and then he sleeps most of the day! He's quite a sleeper. Today he woke up around 5 (after a 4 hour nap) and was laying on the couch enjoying the view out the window. It's really cute to watch him because he can entertain himself for quite a while, usually until he gets hungry. Here's a video I caught of him today. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anniversary, Santa Rosa, Silverado!

We're winding down from a busy five days that consisted of our two year anniversary, visiting my side of the family in Santa Rosa, and then heading to Silverado for Darcy's company trip. I'll recap in chronological order.

On September 24th, 2005, I took Darcy out to dinner in downtown Saratoga at La Fondue with an engagement ring buried in my pocket. After the waitress greeted us I excused myself from the table and chased her down. I asked her to plant the ring in Darcy's wine glass and then leave without pouring so I could wait for Darcy to notice the ring and then pop the question. Nearly a year after the engagement, we married on September 16th, 2006, and are now starting our third year as a married couple. Our "dating" anniversary is also in September (23rd). We started in 2000 so have now been a couple for 8 years! Time flies.

I also came home with flowers on Tuesday.

I took Thursday and Friday off of work to head to Santa Rosa. It was Sean's first trip to my hometown and the first time that much of my extended family would get to see him. Thursday morning we went to my grandparents house (dad's side), then to my Aunt Alice's house (dad's sister), and then to my cousin Aimee's house. Aimee had just given birth on September 13th to her third daughter Mae so we got a picture of the two babies together. Sean looks huge next to Mae!

Here is my Nonni and Nonno with Sean. They just adored seeing their first great-grandchild for the first time:

In the evening my Grammie (mom's mom) came by to see Sean for the first time.

Mid-day on Friday we left Sean with my parents and headed to Napa for our sixth company trip. The trip consists of dinner events on Friday and Saturday night, and for those who choose (which we do), golf during the day on Saturday. Silverado is a beautiful course but not overly difficult, which helps the scoring. My team played well but didn't make enough birdie putts. We did get an eagle though, but finished only at -5 (3 birdies, 1 eagle, 0 bogeys). The winner was -7. My team had a great time though. Notice the one guy who played the whole round barefoot, claiming he "hates wearing shoes".

Sunday we hurried back to Santa Rosa to see our boy. He keeps getting bigger, stronger, and cuter.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Capitola Weekend

Darcy's company owns a condo right on the beach in the Capitola Village. Each weekend a different employee has access to it, and this weekend it was Darcy's turn. With Bosco off to a dogsitter, we headed over the hill on Friday afternoon to spend a couple days coastside, away from the Silicon Valley. Here is the view from the deck of this condo, which is right on top of a steakhouse restaurant.

Friday evening we ate dinner in the village at Margaritaville. We shared steak fajitas for two. Yum! Saturday we went to Zelda's for breakfast then walked the pier. I carried Sean in the bjorn.

Check out this creature we saw on the pier!
Here we are the three of us when we grabbed someone to take a a picture for us.

Throughout the weekend we didn't miss a chance to take pictures of Sean. Here are a few of the cuter ones. He keeps changing every day.

Saturday we ventured two exits south down highway 1 to Aptos to attend Gourmet Grazing on the Green, which is a cancer benefit event. Many restaurants and Wineries set up stands where they served food and wine to the paying attendees (we got our tix for free but they went for $65 each). There was live instrumental music, tables, and vendors. It was a lot of fun and luckily Sean slept almost the whole time in the BOB stroller while we strolled from booth to booth while socializing with the 8 or 10 people there we knew.

Lastly, I have to include this video of Sean over Darcy's shoulder as we walked back from practive on Saturday morning.

Abba Cover Band at Gallo in Modesto

As you know from Darcy's post we were in Modesto last weekend.  You saw the pictures from when we saw family, but didn't see pictures from Saturday night when we attended Picnic at the Pops, Sean and all.

Modesto Bee article here.

Picnic at the Pops is a yearly event put on by Gallo as a fund raiser for the Modesto Symphony. Darcy's parents partake in this big event every year.  Last year the theme was "Beatlemania" as the symphony performed with a Beatles Cover band.  This year it was an Abba tribute band out of Finland that made the trip halfway around the world to entertain the Central Valley.  Much to my surprise they opened up their set with Dancing Queen (I thought they'd leave it til the end).

As this song was playing Sean was alert and happy, so I video taped him as well as catching a shot of the stage, of Darcy, and of the scene.  The video is over two minutes so I won't hold it against you if you don't have time to watch it, but if you can find the time, enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sean's Photo Shoot

On Labor Day weekend, our friend Jenn Scholting came over and took some AWESOME pictures of Sean. She does some professional photography on the side and does a wonderful job. You can check out her website here. She was able to get an adorable picture of Sean smiling while he was sleeping and it's my favorite!

I also love this picture of Sean by himself

A cute one of the whole family. I love Sean's facial expression.

Sean and his daddy

Curious Sean

Sleepy Sean

And we can't forget Bosco!

Thanks Jenn for doing such a great job!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eddie and Bosco

Usually Eddie and Bosco don't get along very well, but sometimes we catch Eddie licking Bosco and it is too cute. Today Bosco let Eddie groom him for a while and I was able to catch it on video with my phone...Eddie even gets Bosco on his tickle spot and he starts kicking his leg. Enjoy! Sorry for the poor quality, my phone doesn't take great videos.

Sean's First Trip to Modesto

This weekend we took Sean on his first road trip. We went to Modesto to visit my parents, go to our friend Addison's first birthday party, and my grandmother's 75th birthday party. We also went to the Gallo Pops in the Park event on Saturday night which was a lot of fun.  It was the Modesto Symphony playing with an ABBA tribute band and there was a great fireworks show at the end. 

Sean in the crib that Grandma bought for when we sleep over

Here's Sean with my Oma and Opa, his great grandparents. They were excited to meet their 7th great grandchild!

Sean taking a nap with his Grandpa

Sean and Great Grandma Carvalho. Unfortunately we forgot to get a pic with Great Grandpa.

Sean with his second cousins, Kelsey and Danielle

Great Grandma, Aunt Becky and his second cousin Anthony

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


- Sean turned 4 weeks old on Tuesday, September 2nd, and will be one month old on September 5th. He changes every day, with his neck getting stronger, smiles becoming more frequent, and more alert time. Despite some crankiness, he is still a good baby. He sleeps well at night (for the most part) and typically only cries when he's hungry. However, he can be a little difficult during feedings, acting like he's done, and then whining a minute later because he wants more food, and over again and again a few times until he's finally had enough. We've got to the point where we just expect that he will do this to us. Hard to blame him though wanting a good burp and break before continuing.

- Darcy left Sean with me alone for the first time yesterday when she ran a few errands. During this time I introduced the bottle to him and he took to it right away. Darcy left again tonight to play bocce ball and I am watching him again. After a long feeding he has been sleeping ever since. I am staying busy writing this post and watching Nadal battle Fish in the quarter-finals of the US Open.

- On Monday our friends Andrew and Krissy invited us over for dinner. Sean got a chance to meet their six month old daughter Malana.

I also got this cute one of him in his car seat. After I buckled him as we were about to leave I decided to bust out the camera and take a few more shots. I'm sure glad I did!

- I bit the bullet and signed up for fantasy football again this year after telling myself I wasn't going to. It's a different league from last year that I was introduced to through a colleague at work. I'm excited to see how my team does as the NFL season kicks off Thursday, September 4th. Here's my team:

I'm happy to have Romo back since he led my team to a championship last year, but who knows how it will turn out. There is a lot of luck involved, not only for your players to have good seasons, but also to match up against the right teams at the right times (when they aren't having record weeks).

- My little sister Beth leaves for Cal Poly on September 13th. My parents will finally be empty nesters for the first time since December 18th, 1977. Beth will be studying nutrition.

- We have three busy and exciting weekends coming up. I'd hate to spoil them by telling you what we're doing but stay tuned for pictures and recaps right here.