Monday, August 11, 2008

Home from the Hospital

Sorry for the delay in posts - we've been a little busy "ooing and awing" over our new son who is awesome. We came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and have been enjoying every second watching him sleep, feeding him, and just being awestruck at how much he changes each day.

Daddy and Sean at the hospital

Sleeping in his hospital crib

My recovery from the c-section has gone really well. We only stayed 2 nights at the hospital and were so relieved when the doctor said we could leave on Thursday. We had been told by a couple other nurses that a 96-hr stay was minimum and we were ready to go home. That would have kept us there until Saturday, no thanks!

The ride home from the hospital was not as nerve wracking as we thought it would be, but surprisingly Sean was too big for his car seat. Consequently, we had to figure out how to adjust it outside the hospital...with 2 Cal Poly grads and 2 hospital volunteers it only took us about 5 minutes, not bad. Sean was a little floppy in his seat so I had to sit in the back with him to hold his head up (don't worry we fixed that problem when we got home and now he can sit in the car seat comfortably without his head falling forward).

First car ride

We're home!

We were so happy to be home and Bosco was happy to have us home. He got to meet Sean for the first time and didn't seem too shocked or upset. He has actually done very well with him. Eddie, on the other hand, is annoying us more than ever.

We want to thank everyone who emailed us and/or commented on the blog. We'll try to keep up to date with the blog and post lots of pics as Sean grows up. You can already see how much he's changed since his birth.


Abby & Matt Edling said...

I can't believe I didn't think to check your blog sooner for my first glimpse at Sean - ugh! He is so adorable!!!! Thanks to Jeff for such a great read - feel like I have been there for all of his "firsts". Can't wait to meet him. Just say the word - we will come bearing gifts :)

Rachel Santos said...

He is so precious!!! Congratulations!