Sunday, August 17, 2008

Almost Two Weeks Old!

It seems like yesterday that Darcy was still pregnant, overdue, begging for time to speed up so that we could meet our son. With the blink of an eye, Sean is nearly two weeks old and we are already praying for time to slow down.

We are having so much fun enjoying every second with him, and are pleasantly surprised with what a great baby he is. His fussing is very minimal. He is for the most part content and we've learned that if he's crying the chances are he is hungry. Otherwise, he is either sleeping or just enjoying passing the time with his parents.

I feel somewhat guilty to report that I have been sleeping plenty! Sean is a great sleeper, and despite everyone warning me about how little I'll be able to sleep with a newborn, I've been sleeping maybe even better than before he was born. It's a little rougher for Darcy because she has to actually do the feeding, but even she would admit that it's been a pleasant surprise how successful we've been at getting through the night with sufficient rest.

With an infant now Darcy and I are definitely home more. We're not making plans to visit friends around the bay area (yet), we aren't looking for concert tickets, and we're not going on any adventurous vacations like we did last year when we went to China. We're more or less homebodies, and below is us on the couch this weekend being just that:

We have had our fair share of visitors as well, which we are thankful for. Last week Darcy's mom Barbara was here Monday and Tuesday, and her her sister Meghan was here from Wednesday night through Friday. Also, on Wednesday, our friend from college Eric Berkes, who visited us with his wife Mandi in late June, was in town for business and stopped by to meet Sean before catching his flight back to Long Beach. Eric will be becoming a dad in October.

Brandi, who is Darcy's friend from Ceres, also visited for a few hours with her daughter Addison.

Today (Sunday) my sister Trisha visited us from San Francisco. We went to lunch and visited for a couple hours. Auntie Trisha just loves her new nephew Sean!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Darcy, I love that picture of you on the couch with cute Sean on your chest. So precious.

wad said...

i agree with sharee, the pic of you laying on the couch with sean on your belly is adorable and you look beautiful. congrats again. its so exciting and inspiring to see you all with your little rugrat offspring. ;)