Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sean - 3 Weeks Old

Today Sean is 3 weeks old, I can't believe it. He is still a really good baby, he pretty much only cries when he is hungry (which is often) and he would sleep through the night if I let him. He likes to look around and take in everything around him, it is too cute. He doesn't love his baths or tummy time yet, but I think they will grow on him :). He does like going for walks in the Bob stroller or when Jeff carries him in the Baby Bjorn. His neck is getting much stronger and he tries to push up on his legs. I think he is looking more and more like Jeff every day...

Here are some pics of him in the last week:

Here are some pics from this morning, his 3-week birthday. He is already getting so big!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sean With the Hiccups

Like he did when he was in Darcy's stomach, Sean still gets the hiccups. On Friday evening he had them while sitting in his bouncer and I caught a video of it. It's not all that exciting, but still pretty cute (especially toward the end when I zoom in). Enjoy.

Almost Two Weeks Old!

It seems like yesterday that Darcy was still pregnant, overdue, begging for time to speed up so that we could meet our son. With the blink of an eye, Sean is nearly two weeks old and we are already praying for time to slow down.

We are having so much fun enjoying every second with him, and are pleasantly surprised with what a great baby he is. His fussing is very minimal. He is for the most part content and we've learned that if he's crying the chances are he is hungry. Otherwise, he is either sleeping or just enjoying passing the time with his parents.

I feel somewhat guilty to report that I have been sleeping plenty! Sean is a great sleeper, and despite everyone warning me about how little I'll be able to sleep with a newborn, I've been sleeping maybe even better than before he was born. It's a little rougher for Darcy because she has to actually do the feeding, but even she would admit that it's been a pleasant surprise how successful we've been at getting through the night with sufficient rest.

With an infant now Darcy and I are definitely home more. We're not making plans to visit friends around the bay area (yet), we aren't looking for concert tickets, and we're not going on any adventurous vacations like we did last year when we went to China. We're more or less homebodies, and below is us on the couch this weekend being just that:

We have had our fair share of visitors as well, which we are thankful for. Last week Darcy's mom Barbara was here Monday and Tuesday, and her her sister Meghan was here from Wednesday night through Friday. Also, on Wednesday, our friend from college Eric Berkes, who visited us with his wife Mandi in late June, was in town for business and stopped by to meet Sean before catching his flight back to Long Beach. Eric will be becoming a dad in October.

Brandi, who is Darcy's friend from Ceres, also visited for a few hours with her daughter Addison.

Today (Sunday) my sister Trisha visited us from San Francisco. We went to lunch and visited for a couple hours. Auntie Trisha just loves her new nephew Sean!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sean - 1 Week Old

Here are some pics of Sean at one week old. He just might be the most photographed baby ever, thank goodness for digital cameras.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Four Generations

On Friday, Sean got a visit from my mom and grandma, his grandma and great grandma. Four generations of our family which is pretty neat. Hopefully he'll get to meet his other six great grandparents soon.

Sean checking out his great grandma

Great Grandma and Grandma

Just a cute pic :)

Sean's First Bath

Sean got his first bath on Friday night. It was more of a sponge bath since he still has his umbilical cord, and he didn't like it very much. But it was fun for us and he smelled so good afterwards! Here are some pics.

Ok, it wasn't so bad after all.

Post-bath sleepy time with Daddy.

So precious.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And the winner is...

Here are the results of the baby pool...

1st place goes to Suzi Schnell who correctly guessed August 5th

2nd place goes to Dolores Silva

3rd place goes to Kara McGibben who guessed her own birthday...happy (late) birthday Kara!

I actually came in 3rd to last place, I didn't expect him to come 5 days late but it was definitely worth it. Thanks for playing!!

Home from the Hospital

Sorry for the delay in posts - we've been a little busy "ooing and awing" over our new son who is awesome. We came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and have been enjoying every second watching him sleep, feeding him, and just being awestruck at how much he changes each day.

Daddy and Sean at the hospital

Sleeping in his hospital crib

My recovery from the c-section has gone really well. We only stayed 2 nights at the hospital and were so relieved when the doctor said we could leave on Thursday. We had been told by a couple other nurses that a 96-hr stay was minimum and we were ready to go home. That would have kept us there until Saturday, no thanks!

The ride home from the hospital was not as nerve wracking as we thought it would be, but surprisingly Sean was too big for his car seat. Consequently, we had to figure out how to adjust it outside the hospital...with 2 Cal Poly grads and 2 hospital volunteers it only took us about 5 minutes, not bad. Sean was a little floppy in his seat so I had to sit in the back with him to hold his head up (don't worry we fixed that problem when we got home and now he can sit in the car seat comfortably without his head falling forward).

First car ride

We're home!

We were so happy to be home and Bosco was happy to have us home. He got to meet Sean for the first time and didn't seem too shocked or upset. He has actually done very well with him. Eddie, on the other hand, is annoying us more than ever.

We want to thank everyone who emailed us and/or commented on the blog. We'll try to keep up to date with the blog and post lots of pics as Sean grows up. You can already see how much he's changed since his birth.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sean is Born - 8/5/08

It all started on the morning of August 4th when Darcy had her 40.5 week checkup appt at 10:30am. I was at work, missing this appointment having gone to the one the week prior. At about 12 noon Darcy called my desk at work for the post-appointment debriefing. The short of it was that although she was not dilated sufficiently, her uterus was low on fluid thus making it necessary to induce labor today. Oh my goodness, the day was finally here!

Nervous, overwhelmed, but most of all excited, I shut down my workstation, told my boss as well as HR the news, and was on my way home to get Darcy to take her to the hospital.

Things got off to a slow start as it took time to check in, get our room, for the nurses to drill Darcy with questions, and for them to come up with their game plan of how to go about getting Sean out of Darcy’s body despite the fact that her cervix was not cooperating. The first test was a stress test to see if Sean could handle the stress of labor, so they gave Darcy pitocin. He passed, so they then tried to make her dilate using a foley bulb (google it here), but this was unsuccessful. Krissy Schrieber, Darcy’s very good friend who also works at Devcon was visiting at this point after work.

Next they gave Darcy a misoprostol, which is a cervix ripening pill. It too, yielded no success, and took over four hours for us to find that out.

At this point we had been at the hospital for 10 hours. It was 11pm, and despite regular contractions that were increasingly more painful, Darcy was still only dilated 1 cm. To make matters worse, when Darcy contracted, Sean’s heart rate would consistently dip, indicating that he was tired, and that he may not be able to make it through a long intense labor. Based on this information, a C-Section was deemed the way to go to ensure a safe delivery for both mom and baby. This decision was made at approximately midnight.

We now called our parents, both still at home an hour and a half away in Santa Rosa and Ceres, to tell them that a C-Section was inevitable. They got in their cars immediately. I also called my sister Trisha who lives in San Francisco and she headed for the South Bay. Darcy’s sister Meghan and girlfriend Cat had been visiting for hours already as you can tell by the picture above.

By 12:50am (now Aug. 5th), Darcy was in the c-section specific delivery room getting prepped for the surgery with 6 or so Kaiser Employees (two of them Doctors and all of them women). In my scrubs, I had to wait outside the door until prompted to enter the room right as surgery began. I entered the room at 1:14am, sat next to Darcy’s head and held her hand. We were both shielded from viewing the surgery by a tarp that was there just for that reason. Darcy, numb from the chest down, was very brave and I am so proud of her.

At 1:19am, August 5th, 2008, we both heard crying sounds from the other side of the tarp. Sean was born. I immediately got up and walked over to see him as they weighed him, measured him, cut his umbilical cord, etc. I can’t describe the feeling I had looking at him, watching him crying while slightly squirming, brand new to the world. I think the only way to describe it actually is “indescribable”. Sean weighed in at 7lbs 4.6oz, and measured 19inches long.

Meanwhile, Darcy was getting sewn back up and had not yet caught a glimpse of her son. After ten minutes or so, they wrapped Sean up and let me carry him over to his mommy.

By the time Sean was born Trisha had already made it in from SF, but both sets of grandparents were still on the road, rapidly approaching Kaiser Santa Clara. We all took turns holding the baby, taking picture after picture, and commenting on how cute he is. The whole time we passed him around he didn’t cry once.

The Bakers arrived first, and then soon after the Narduzzis, accompanied by my 18 year old sister Beth who is now a rather young aunt.

After a couple hours of visiting with family, everybody went home and it was just the three of us. Darcy’s legs were slowly getting their feeling back, and we were all very tired. When we finally laid down to rest in our postpartum room it was past 5am.

It was an amazing experience that we will cherish forever.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

49ers Pasta Bowl 2008

Last night Darcy and I attended the 49ers pasta bowl for the second year in a row. The event is a fund raiser put on by the 49ers. There are many silent auctions, a raffle, as well as 40-something corporate sponsored tables. Each table is represented by two 49er players, ours by Cornerback Tarell Brown, who won a national championship with the Vince Young-led Texas Longhorns at the Rose Bowl against USC in 2006, and Safety Dashon Goldson. I did a little research on each of them and this is what I found:

Tarell Brown #25 (further research on wikipedia revealed the Tarell had some trouble with the law back in college)

Dashon Goldson

Here they are pictured (Tarell on the left. Dashon, on the right.) with a friend and work colleague of Darcy's named Katie Cote.

The event, like last year, was a lot of fun. We got to rub elbows with professional athletes, while having two of them serve us in aprons. However, unlike last year, we weren't running around getting pictures with the famous players. We instead opted to stay at our table and refrain from being starstruck. After all, we got pictures with them last year so why do it again?

At the end the entire team took the stage. Coach Mike Nolan is in the blue shirt on the left:

Being two days overdue didn't stop us from getting out of the house and enjoying this event, and despite being over 40 weeks pregnant, Darcy had a great time. We're very excited for the upcoming week, anticipating it will include the long awaited birth of our son. I will be off to work tomorrow morning, on call in case it's time to head to Kaiser Santa Clara. Darcy, on the other hand, has started maternity leave.

Hopefully my next post on here will be to introduce the new member of our family.