Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As Jeff pointed out in the previous post, Baby Narduzzi is due in just 8 days. Hopefully he'll make his appearance before the 31st because we're dying to meet him...but I guess he'll be coming when he's ready. I still feel relatively comfortable so I should try and enjoy the last week or two of being pregnant! If you haven't entered the baby pool yet, click on the "expect net" link on the right to make your guess of when he will get here and how big he will be.

Also, I just realized that Sunday (7/20) was the 1-year anniversary of The blog started on May 2 of last year but the website wasn't started until July. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading our blogs as much as we've enjoyed keeping it up. Jeff has been the main poster, but I think I'll be adding more to it in the upcoming months with plenty of baby posts. If you haven't already, you can subscribe to get updates via email whenever we make a post (see link on the right). We also welcome any friends and family to start your own blogs (if you haven't already)'s an awesome way to keep everyone updated!

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