Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Due Date is Tomorrow, July 31st...

- It could be another week or it could be today, we just don't know! Although Darcy certainly looks and feels ready to give birth, Sean continues to make us wait. It's looking more and more like he will come in August. The doctor did say that she will not let us get over a week past due before inducing labor, so that puts Aug 7th as the latest Sean could arrive. We'll see.

- Darcy's last day of work is Thursday (her due date). This will have her off of work until about Nov. 3rd. My plan is to take a week off in August, September, and October, so I don't miss too much work all at once, and also so that I can spend good solid time with Sean in different phases of his infancy.

- For those of you who don't know, Sean will be delivered in Santa Clara at the new Kaiser. It is a very nice, modern hospital on Lawrence Expressway just north of the 280 Lawrence exit. Click here for Google Maps.

- I'm very anxious to introduce Sean on Narduzzi Nation by posting pictures with the story, so stay tuned.

- On a totally different note, I had a dreadful basketball game on Monday night at 10pm. We played the team we lost to in the championship game last season, and this time got wooped! The beat us by 25 and never allowed us to feel any hope that we were going to win the game. Our team is out of shape and not playing up to last season's form yet. I'm confident we can get better, but also must admit that the talent level of the league is improving and if we don't step it up, we could be in for a rude awakening. However, at this point I will still maintain the stance that it's important to peak in the playoffs, so losing a couple of games early on in the season can be a blessing in disquise, so hopefully it will be.

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Charli125 said...

I have today in an hour. Come on Darcy!!!