Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Counting the Days...

We now have 8 days until Sean is due. Because of that it's hard to think of anything else going on in our lives that would be significant enough to write about, but I'll try.

Friday Night Coldplay concert:

I've mentioned on here that I love the band Coldplay and that their new album did not disappoint. Well on Friday night (July 18th) Darcy and I were lucky enough to attend their concert at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, which is their only Bay Area stop on the entire tour. It was also only their 3rd show of the tour, so they were fresh and energized to be on stage again. I brought my camera but didn't get very many pictures, but instead took a bunch of videos. I put a couple on YouTube. Check this one out where front man Chris Martin (aka Mr. Gwenyth Paltrow) runs to the back of the arena to perform a track right by us.

Click here for a video I took of them playing Fix You.

Giants Game on Saturday:

Saturday I attended the Giants Brewers game with a colleague from work. We had club level seats in left feild, which I thought offered a great view of the game.

Church League Bball:

On Monday night my East San Jose church basketball league started up again. It was the first game of my fourth season. The league continues to improve as they weed out the unreliable, bad behavior teams, and let new teams in. We played a team that we didn't recognize from prior seasons who were younger and in slightly better shape that we were. They also had some talent. We hung tight with them as I tied up the game with a three pointer to make it 45-45 with two minutes left, but we ended up losing 55-49. I was not disappointed with the loss because I know it's not about the regular season. This loss was productive because we got the rust off after not playing for a month and because now we can avenge the loss in the playoffs when it really counts.

It was great to get back on the court again and I look forward to another season!

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