Friday, June 6, 2008


- Starbucks wait times have grown increasingly long for me lately. This isn't the case at all Starbucks, but it is at most of the ones I usually go to. It's getting to the point that I will decide not to stop and get a drink because I am worrried about how long it will take and don't feel like risking having a bad customer experience. This makes me wonder if others are dealing with this as well. One time I went to Starbucks to get what I always get there right now - ICE AMERICANO NO ROOM NAME IS JEFF LOTS OF ICE, AND NO, I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO EAT! - and I decided to settle for coffee because I knew putting in an "order" would lead to me standing there for ten minutes waiting for it. There was a handful of people bored waiting for their drinks already and I didn't feel like standing with them. Also, don't you hate it when ONE guy orders FOUR lattes! It's similar to being behind somebody at the bagel shop who is buying bagels for the whole office. The joy of Starbucks is that it's a convenient, quick, and tasty way to get your caffeine/latte fix. Let's hope increasingly poor service doesn't keep getting in the way.

- I'm playing golf on Sunday at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club. Can't wait! I've been practicing more than I ever have in my life and it's paying off. My swing feels great and my putting and chipping has been solid. Cinnabar can be windy but with the 7:40am tee-time I have with Larry my next door neighbor it shouldn't be too bad.

- Can you believe our little boy is due in less than a two months?

- Darcy is camping this weekend at Pinecrest. It's an annual event with a group of friends, and being seven months pregnant is no excuse not to go.

- I am so torn about who to root for in the NBA finals. I can honestly say I don't really care who wins. I feel weird not hating the Lakers, but for some reason I don't. I can remember rooting against them so passionately when they battled the Warriors this season, and I am not a fan of Kobe's personality. However, they are fun to watch, and I have a very hard time supporting the Eastern Conference. I wonder who my sister Trisha is rooting for? The only two cities she has lived in (if you don't count her year abroad in Spain) outside of the bay area are none other than LA and Boston.

- So You Think You Can Dance is a great show. In my opinion it's way better than American Idol. Give it a chance and you'll become hooked. Regarding Idol, isn't it funny how when we watch American Idol we get into the contestants and even like a few of them, and then the second the show ends, those very contestants we rooted for are now lame! I especially feel that way about this years contestants when I see them on TV now. The American Idol finale was entertaining though. I enjoyed George Michael singing Praying for Time. Darcy is seeing him at the HP Pavilion in a couple weeks.

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