Saturday, June 21, 2008

George Michael Concert - 6/19/08

Growing up there were a few cassette tapes that were mainstays in my mom's blue Dodge Minivan. To name a few, there was the Wilson Philips' self titled debut album, Milli Vanilli, Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation, and UB40's Labor of Love which features the great song "Red Red Wine".

And there was also of course, George Michael's Faith.

We would drive around town, to soccer practice, basketball practice, little league, Trisha's dance and would be bumping "Faith", "Father Figure", "Monkey", "Hard Day", "this song", as well as all the other less memorable songs on the album.

Approximately 16-18 years later, I no longer listen to George Michael except for a rare moment it comes on the radio or is played in public, but some of his music is still is entrenched in my memory because of the drives around town in my mom's car. Beyond the Faith album the only songs of his I know are "Freedom", "Praying for Time", and "Funky".

I accepted the opportunity to see him for free at HP Pavilion on Thursday night. Although I only knew about half of the songs, the concert was a fun atmosphere as he put on an energetic show to an amped up crowd. He did a good job with playing most of his hits that I knew, although I would have liked to have seen "Monkey". Here is the set list:

I brought my camera to the concert and snapped off quite a few photos, but it' nearly impossible to get good photos in a concert with my Canon Elph (unless you're extremely close to the stage). Here are a couple of the best ones:

Below is him entering the stage at the begining of the show:

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