Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mandi & Eric Visit Us For The Weekend

In our 5th year of college at Cal Poly Darcy lived with Mandi, who married Eric on July 10th, 2004. Darcy and Eric were friends all through college since they both studied the same major - architectural engineering - which was the connection that led to Mandi getting a room in Darcy's house. The four of us became good friends that year and we've kept in good touch ever since.

After college Mandi and Eric moved back to the LA area, eventually settling in Long Beach where they bought a house. Perhaps you remember my post last year highlighting our trip down there to visit them. That post is titled: Giants, Bonds, and our Weekend in Long Beach. Now, not even a full year later, both couples are expecting new additions, with Darcy due in less than five weeks on July 31st and Mandi due in October.

The weekend started off early Friday evening when Mandi and Eric landed in SJC after only working half days at their jobs. When I got home from work at 5pm they were already on the couch visiting with Darcy. That night we took them to an italian restaurant in Los Gatos called i Gatti. It was very good, and we didn't hold back, getting not one, but two dessert dishes!

On Saturday morning we woke up to the smell of a delicious Darcy-created french toast breakfast, which was followed up with a trail walk in Los Gatos. We opted for the same walk we went on when Bosco was attacked by a goose on May 20th. Mandi, who is a faithful reader of Narduzzi Nation, was able to visualize the incident as there were hundreds, if not thousands, of geese on the prowl. Although we weren't attacked this time, we didn't get hissed at!

Following our walk we headed over the winding hill of highway 17 to Santa Cruz. Darcy and Mandi's roommate that year Erin just moved to Santa Cruz a couple months ago so the plan was to visit her, see her place, get lunch, and see where the day took us.

The day ended up taking us to downtown Santa Cruz to a restaurant called Acapulco, and then to The Boardwalk, where we hit up The Giant Dipper! Did you know the Giant Dipper is the 6th oldest roller coaster still operating? I'm not sure if that is in the US or in the world though.

The ride, as it always is, was a blast! It may be 84 years old, but it still provides a feeling of exhilaration as it throws you downward over and over again in what feels like a near free-fall. At the end they try to sell you a picture of your face during one of those free falls. I didn't buy it, but did take a picture of the screen. Here's how ours looked - pretty funny:

When our faces were looking like this, our view was something like this:

Here's a picture of the girls at the Boardwalk with their slush puppies:

Saturday night back in Cambpell we were pretty tired from the long day that consisted of a lot of walking. We went to the Sonoma Chicken Coup for an appetizer dinner followed by some Gelato. Here's the four of us winding down from our tiring day:

Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast burritos, and then split off into separate activities. Darcy and Mandi went to get pedicures and to return an item at Babies R Us while Eric and I went out to Cinnabar Hills Golf Club to hit range balls and chip and putt around. Darcy and Mandi ended up meeting us out at the golf course for lunch, where we enjoyed a great lunch outside on the patio.

After lunch we drove back home so they could pack and get ready for us to drop them off at the airport. When we said goodbye to them at 3:50pm at the San Jose Airport Southwest Terminal, we were seeing them for the last time pre-children. The next time we see them we will be introducing our son to Mandi and Eric's son or daughter (they aren't finding out gender). We can't wait!

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