Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Championship Game Here We Come!

Last night's basketball game was a lot of fun. I had just watched Tiger Woods win the U.S. Open in heroic fashion and was inspired to play hard and win just like he did. Like I said in a previous post, it's been a while since I've won a championship and despite it only being a church basketball league in eastern San Jose, I'd sure like to experience that championship feeling once again.

Last nights game started good and bad. Good because our team showed great energy and was playing solid defense on our much bigger opponent (their center was about 6'5" 300+), and bad because we weren 't scoring. I think it took nearly five minutes before we broke the goose egg!

At halftime, we were actually ahead 14-13, which was by far the lowest scoring half we've ever had. I took the ball out of bounds to start the second half and the ref joked to me as he handed me the ball that they needed to take the lids off the baskets in second half.

In the second half the game stayed close with each team taking and losing one point leads a few times. With only a couple minutes left and the game tied, I stole the ball and darted down the court and made a finger roll layup with defenders on each side of me. Then, on our next possession, I got the ball on the wing, about a foot behind the 3 pt line and hit a huge three, giving us a five point lead with less that two minutes to play. The score was 38-33 us.

We continued to battle and play good defense and ended up winning 40-35. Following the final buzzer, we all celebrated the win with high fiving, hugging, and the occasional chest bump.

Although I had somewhat of a rocky shooting night, I feel very good about my performance. I played extremely hard, I made four threes, a few jumpers, and a layup. But equally as important, I had a number of drives where I found teammates down low for easy layups. However, just like in all of our wins, it was a team effort as most everyone stepped up with a big shot, steal, or assist to lead us to the victory.

We'll see what happens in the championship game. It may only be east San Jose church league bball, but it would still be a championship! The game is next Monday night, 6/23, at 9pm.

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