Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Driving Range Trick

There's a huge driving range very close to where I work. It's in Alviso, CA, which is a Silicon Valley town north of 237, east of Sunnyvale, and west of Milpitas. This driving range does not have a course associated with it, and most importantly, offers grass to hit off of, as well as mats. Hitting off grass is a must for me.

Every day at lunch, hundreds of people break from their jobs and flock to this range to hit balls, practice putting, chip around, or perhaps some sort of combination of the three. Today I was one of those people, and as always, I refused to play by the rules when it came to paying for their services. This is because I'm extremely against their pricing model!

$7 --> 45 balls

$9 --> 90 balls

$10 --> 120 balls

Is this ridiculous or what?! Why would anyone spend seven bucks for a measly 45 balls? By the time you've invested that much money, you might as well put in two more bucks and get twice as many balls! But, by the time you've invested that much you might as well throw in another dollar. It's like how at the movies every time you try to buy a medium soda for $3.25 the clerk reminds you that a large is only a quarter more, so you have no choice but to agree to the upgrade.

My dilemma here is that I refuse to spend $7 bucks on only 45 balls, but I don't need 90 balls or want to drop $9 at the driving range. So it never fails, I stand by the ball machine asking each guy who walks up if he wants to split 120 balls and spend $5 each. I usually get acceptance from the first person I ask and it's rare I have to wait for more than a couple minutes to find a partner in crime. It's brilliant, and everybody wins. We both get the perfect amount of balls for a lunch break, and at a $2 discount than if we were "legally" buying 15 fewer balls.

Even the driving range wins, because if it wasn't for this trick, I wouldn't do any business with them at all!

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