Monday, May 12, 2008

Modesto Baby Shower/Party

From what I've heard, baby showers typically consist of women sitting around and chatting, playing games to break the ice and entertain/pass time, and the opening of gifts. This weekend in Modesto, Darcy's baby shower was more like a party than anything else - except for all the baby gifts!

It took place on Saturday afternoon at Darcy's Aunt Becky's house. She has a beautifully manicured backyard with a pool. Just inside her house from the backyard is a big living room/kitchen, making it a great spot for a gathering. The weather was perfect. The food was great. The turnout was good (35-40 people). And the gifts were awesome! Having a new baby is by no means cheap, and we are very lucky and thankful that our friends and family on Darcy's Modesto side were so generous to help us get started with everything we will need. Thanks everyone! I also want to thank my Dad and sister Trisha for making the drive from Santa Rosa to attend the event. They probably spent more time driving than actually at the shower, but it means a lot to me that they made it. My mom had to tend to my little sister's senior prom so was unable to come.

I of course took pictures and would like to share them with you, but am too lazy to filter out the bad ones so you'll just have to click through them all.


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Sharee & Arthur said...

Hooray for baby showers! I love my baby bjorn. can't live without it. I haven't gotten my ticket yet, but I am coming to the reunion, Darcy, so don't worry. I will get it soon.