Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goose Nearly Attacks Bosco!

Today after work Darcy, Bosco and I went for a walk. There is a trail that starts near our place that goes for miles deep into the Los Gatos hills. We have many spots along this trail that we start our walks from, and today selected the "Lark Avenue" spot. We like "Lark" because it is near this beautiful lake - which is a nice contrast from the offices we spend our workdays at:

Today was different from most of our walks because I brought our Canon SLR Camera. I captured shots of the scenery, of Bosco walking, of geese very protectively walking with their gosling, and of Darcy, realizing that we needed pictures from her pregnancy to look back upon.

Here's Darcy's almost 30 week belly:

Bosco walking:

As we walked by a flock of geese on our way back to the car, the father goose (or the mother since I couldn't really tell the gender) started hissing and walking toward me. Slightly startled by it, I skip ahead out of harms way. Darcy, who was holding Bosco's leash, didn't speed ahead like I did, and as a result, she and Bosco were attacked! The goose lunged while reaching its beak downward to Bosco while hissing. I freaked out and yelled at Darcy to move as she scooted away from trouble. Then there was Bosco, totally unfazed! He just walked by ignoring the goose, just like he does all the dogs that walk by. Pretty funny actually looking back on it, but I'm also thankful he wasn't hurt.

Below is the Flock:

At one point I gave the camera to Darcy so I could be in the picture:

Here's a cute of one Bosco:

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Trax Club said...

geese are mean!!! I'm scared of the ones by my house. Especially when they have their flock