Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

- Last year for Memorial Day Weekend Darcy went to Las Vegas for her friend Suzi's wedding, and I went to Portland for my friend Ben's wedding. I used Narduzzi Nation to write about that experience. Because we were both going to be gone, my parents watched Bosco, which I wrote about here. A year later we didn't have such exciting plans, but we did stay fairly busy.

- Friday evening we saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I wasn't a big fan of the movie, although Darcy thought it was not bad. There are some cool visually pleasing action scenes, but I just could not get into the story.

- On Saturday night Darcy and I met my family in San Fransisco to celebrate my mom's 53rd birthday. We went to a restaurant in North Beach called Bocce. It was delicious and the service was great. It was also the first time me, Darcy, and my big sister Trisha got to meet my little sister's boyfriend James.

Here's the gang minus James who is taking the picture:

James and my little sister Beth:

My dad bought my mom a beautiful diamond necklace for her birthday:

- On Sunday Darcy and I spent the day in Pleasanton and Walnut Creek. Our friends Krissy and Andrew needed a babysitter for their daughter Malana, who was born just 3.5 months ago on Super Bowl Sunday. Darcy offered her services and Bosco and I decided to join her. While babysitting, Darcy and I, as well as Bosco, walked (25 minute walk each way) to downtown Pleasanton for lunch at Blue Agave. We also got the camera out and tried to get some shots of Malana smiling and sleeping as you can see below. At about 5pm, we drove to meet Krissy and Andrew in Walnut Creek for dinner at one of their friend's house. It turned out to be a great evening with amazing food (the host is a professional chef!) and good company. We didn't leave Walnut Creek until after 10pm.

Happy Malana:

Tired Malana:

- Today we took advantage of the national holiday and relaxed. I went out to Cinnabar to hit golf balls while Darcy hung out at home with Bosco. When I got home, Bosco and I played some frisbee. Now we are watching Jeopardy. We have been recording it now that Larissa Kelly is going on a run. We are rooting for her to win her fifth straight - and she just did! Everyone watch Jeopardy this week and root for Larissa!

I was able to find a picture of her online:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goose Nearly Attacks Bosco!

Today after work Darcy, Bosco and I went for a walk. There is a trail that starts near our place that goes for miles deep into the Los Gatos hills. We have many spots along this trail that we start our walks from, and today selected the "Lark Avenue" spot. We like "Lark" because it is near this beautiful lake - which is a nice contrast from the offices we spend our workdays at:

Today was different from most of our walks because I brought our Canon SLR Camera. I captured shots of the scenery, of Bosco walking, of geese very protectively walking with their gosling, and of Darcy, realizing that we needed pictures from her pregnancy to look back upon.

Here's Darcy's almost 30 week belly:

Bosco walking:

As we walked by a flock of geese on our way back to the car, the father goose (or the mother since I couldn't really tell the gender) started hissing and walking toward me. Slightly startled by it, I skip ahead out of harms way. Darcy, who was holding Bosco's leash, didn't speed ahead like I did, and as a result, she and Bosco were attacked! The goose lunged while reaching its beak downward to Bosco while hissing. I freaked out and yelled at Darcy to move as she scooted away from trouble. Then there was Bosco, totally unfazed! He just walked by ignoring the goose, just like he does all the dogs that walk by. Pretty funny actually looking back on it, but I'm also thankful he wasn't hurt.

Below is the Flock:

At one point I gave the camera to Darcy so I could be in the picture:

Here's a cute of one Bosco:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Modesto Baby Shower/Party

From what I've heard, baby showers typically consist of women sitting around and chatting, playing games to break the ice and entertain/pass time, and the opening of gifts. This weekend in Modesto, Darcy's baby shower was more like a party than anything else - except for all the baby gifts!

It took place on Saturday afternoon at Darcy's Aunt Becky's house. She has a beautifully manicured backyard with a pool. Just inside her house from the backyard is a big living room/kitchen, making it a great spot for a gathering. The weather was perfect. The food was great. The turnout was good (35-40 people). And the gifts were awesome! Having a new baby is by no means cheap, and we are very lucky and thankful that our friends and family on Darcy's Modesto side were so generous to help us get started with everything we will need. Thanks everyone! I also want to thank my Dad and sister Trisha for making the drive from Santa Rosa to attend the event. They probably spent more time driving than actually at the shower, but it means a lot to me that they made it. My mom had to tend to my little sister's senior prom so was unable to come.

I of course took pictures and would like to share them with you, but am too lazy to filter out the bad ones so you'll just have to click through them all.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Olympic Club Is In The Books

As I'm sure many of you know, I played The Olympic Club on Sunday with my friend Mike Abendroth. It was a treat not only to get to play a great course, but a famous course. My round had it's ups and downs, including plenty of bogeys, a few doubles, but I also had several pars and a birdie.

Here we are at the third tee box with the clubhouse in the background:

We also utilized the video functionality on my camera. Check out the videos by clicking on the below hyperlinks. In them, we are actually hitting to the green that is behind us in the above photo.

Jeff hitting to the 8th green

Mike hitting to the 8th green

Thank Mike! I had a great time. What'd you shoot anyway? Like a 76? I never asked you your score but I feel like you were mid 70's maybe.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pregnancy - Week 27

This week is the 27th week of our pregnancy, only about 12 to 13 more weeks to go! I've been feeling pretty good and I love feeling the baby kick all the time. Here are some pics of our progress.

Week 22

Today (Week 27)
We've also made some progress on the nursery and are pretty much done. The walls are painted, the bedding is here along with the crib and dresser (thanks Mindy and Dennis!). I can't wait to start filling it up with more baby stuff!

Crib, bedding and Eddie the cat

Dresser and Eddie (again)Today is also Jeff's 28th birthday...happy birthday Jeff!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Driving Range Trick

There's a huge driving range very close to where I work. It's in Alviso, CA, which is a Silicon Valley town north of 237, east of Sunnyvale, and west of Milpitas. This driving range does not have a course associated with it, and most importantly, offers grass to hit off of, as well as mats. Hitting off grass is a must for me.

Every day at lunch, hundreds of people break from their jobs and flock to this range to hit balls, practice putting, chip around, or perhaps some sort of combination of the three. Today I was one of those people, and as always, I refused to play by the rules when it came to paying for their services. This is because I'm extremely against their pricing model!

$7 --> 45 balls

$9 --> 90 balls

$10 --> 120 balls

Is this ridiculous or what?! Why would anyone spend seven bucks for a measly 45 balls? By the time you've invested that much money, you might as well put in two more bucks and get twice as many balls! But, by the time you've invested that much you might as well throw in another dollar. It's like how at the movies every time you try to buy a medium soda for $3.25 the clerk reminds you that a large is only a quarter more, so you have no choice but to agree to the upgrade.

My dilemma here is that I refuse to spend $7 bucks on only 45 balls, but I don't need 90 balls or want to drop $9 at the driving range. So it never fails, I stand by the ball machine asking each guy who walks up if he wants to split 120 balls and spend $5 each. I usually get acceptance from the first person I ask and it's rare I have to wait for more than a couple minutes to find a partner in crime. It's brilliant, and everybody wins. We both get the perfect amount of balls for a lunch break, and at a $2 discount than if we were "legally" buying 15 fewer balls.

Even the driving range wins, because if it wasn't for this trick, I wouldn't do any business with them at all!