Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Sharks Curse

Darcy and I have been amazed at how our eyeballs have been such a curse for the Sharks. They are a great team with great players and a great record, but for some reason whenever we're watching they don't score - or even win very often!

First Example:

A couple of years ago we went to a game and showed up in the first period. It was 0-0, and instead of going straight to our seats I decided to get a beer first. While I'm getting my beer the Sharks scored two goals!! Seriously, boom boom. We then took our seats and Darcy was of course mad at me for making her miss the two goals. I was disappointed too, but my response to her of course was, "you didn't have to wait for me to get a beer".

The Sharks proceeded to not score again in that game until after we left, which was midway through the third period. And then, in the last ten minutes, Marleau scored two more goals and got his first career hat trick! It was this night that we started to put 2 and 2 together and realize that the Sharks seem to score a lot easier when we aren't watching.

Second Example:

Game three against Calgary we turned on the tv five minutes into the game and it was already 3-0 Sharks! We missed all three goals. We then watched the rest of the game all to see Calgary score four goals and win the game. Our bad luck continued.

Third Example:

Game four Tuesday night in Calgary was where it got really spooky. We turned on the game and watched Calgary score the go ahead goal in the first period. When the first period ended we put on another channel for awhile, and then turned the game back on to see it was now 1-1. Of course, while we weren't watching, the Sharks were able to score! We continued watching and low and behold, Calgary scored and made it 2-1 late in the second period.

Here's where it gets crazy. With ten minutes left in the game and the Sharks still down 2-1, Darcy and I contemplated whether to watch the remainder of the game or watch an episode of Seinfeld. I was pulling for game, and Darcy was pulling for Seinfeld - her reason being that we are bad luck and that the Sharks are more likely to win if we aren't watching.

She was right!

As soon as our episode ended we turned back on the TV as the announcer was wrapping up his broadcast. We could not believe the Sharks had come back in that final ten minutes, scoring two goals, and winning the game! Would this have happened if we were watching? We think not. The sad part is that we'll never know, but we could not believe it!

Pictured here is my favorite Shark: Joe Thornton

Tonight the Sharks won 4-3 (the game just ended). I watched the whole game at home, and Darcy was lucky enough to be at the game. Did the curse end? Or is it only when we are watching it together? We'll see on Sunday night when we watch as the Sharks attempt to clinch the series and move on to the second round.

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