Thursday, April 10, 2008

Disappointing End To Great Season

This post could be premature. It's still possible that the Warriors could make the playoffs. If they win their next three games and Denver loses two of their next three, then we're in. However, after their loss tonight at home to the Nuggets, they are all but done. I don't see Denver losing 2 of 3, and with the way the Warriors are playing lately, I'm not so sure they can win their next three - especially since one of them is at Phoenix.

Even without the playoffs it's been a great year to be a Warrior fan. They had so many thrilling victories, many against great teams, and it was great to see Monta Ellis emerge as one of the games young stars. In addition, Baron Davis stayed healthy and played like an all star, Biedrins continued to get better, Jackson came up big time and time again, and Azabuike showed he belongs in the NBA. If the Warriors were in the Eastern Conference they would be at least a three seed, but in the West their nearly 50 wins wasn't even good enough for the playoffs. What a bummer!

But I must be realistic. Down the stretch the Warriors faded and didn't really show much promise that even if they did make the playoffs they could do much damage. Last year they had momentum when they beat Dallas. We Believed! This year they seem tired. It's probably because of all the minutes their best three players had to play to get them to this point. Hopefully next year Don Nelson (if he returns) will use the bench more and allow his best players to rest more so that they have something left in the tank late in games and at the end of the season. Hopefully they won't start off 0-6 either!

In conclusion, I'm disappointed but I'm also realistic. As much as I would have liked to see the Warriors keep playing, I also realize they didn't earn it. They've had so many important games in the last few weeks and have come up short in most of them. Hopefully this off season they can make the right tweaks to the roster - while keeping the core intact - so that we're talking about how far we can go in the playoffs at this time next year rather than just whether we can get in at all.


Mike said...

Its too bad they will be the team with the most wins ever to miss the playoffs... (previous record Houston 45 wins in 03 i think.)

Anonymous said...

Go Knicks... :(