Friday, March 7, 2008

Now That We Know It's A Boy....

Before Tuesday, Darcy and I didn't know whether there was a girl or a boy growing in her tummy. This uncertainty kept us from discussing certain things that depend on this knowledge.

Now that we know it's a boy, the flood gates are open.

We are now suggesting names left and right and letting each other know where we stand with each suggestions. She has some suggestions that I rule out right away, and I have some suggestions that she rules out right away. Then, luckily, there are a few that we both agree on that are in the running. However, we are still nowhere near the final decision and probably won't be for awhile. We even got on yesterday looking for suggestions and learning which names were the most popular in recent years.

Not only do we now know to only consider boy names, we also know to only consider boy colors and styles for the baby's room. Darcy has already sent me quite a few links of cribs and dressers that she likes.

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Dylan said...

boy colors? what does that mean? anything but hot pink? I know a few guys that have a thing for that color.