Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing...Baby Narduzzi!!!

Jeff and I had our big ultrasound today at 18 weeks. The baby measured 18wks, 5 days so my due date is now 7/31 (moved up from 8/4). The ultrasound was amazing! We got to see the heart beating with the 4 chambers, the brain, and the stomach with amniotic fluid in it. The baby was moving around like crazy and was nice enough to show us it's private parts. It's a boy!!! Here are some pics, some are hard to make out so I'll try and explain.

This one is obvious, you can see the 5 fingers at the top.

The face is on the left and the baby has his hands up by his head.

Here's his cute little foot!

It's a boy!!!
view from the bottom up - x marks the spot

The baby is rubbing his eyes, he must be tired with all this activity going on.

He's really tired now! This is just his face while he's yawning and has his hand up by his face again.

I'm definitely starting to look pregnant now, but I still can't feel the baby move. It was amazing to see him moving around on the screen and feel absolutely nothing. In about 5 months, we'll have a beautiful little boy - we can't wait!!!

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Sharee & Arthur said...

Darcy!!!! Congratulations. I am so excited for you guys. There's nothing like being a parent. It adds so much depth to everything in life. When are you due? I hope you've been having an easy pregnancy. Congratulations again.