Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter '08

This weekend Jeff and I drove up to Santa Rosa to spend time with the family for Easter. The Call family tradition is Easter Brunch at Grammy's house. This year, there were quite a few people missing, but it was still a good time. I refrained from the 'gin' fizzes that are also a tradition for obvious reasons, but the virgin "fiz" was quite tasty. Here is a picture of me at 21 weeks prego.
Jeff's cousin Kirk drove his Porsche down, so Dennis (aka Nonno) and Beth took some pictures sitting in it for fun.
These are the "twins", Mindy and Jeff's cousin Wade.
Bob, who was born in 1919, told us about some of his experiences in World War II. He was stationed in San Diego on 12/7/41 and then was immediately sent out to Hawaii after the attack. He and his crew were on one of their daily flight loops and decided to go a few miles extra when they spotted 3 different Japanese fleets heading in our direction. They were able to alert our troops and give them 20-hour notice before the "Battle of Midway" occurred. If they hadn't seen them that day, who knows what would have happened.
The two little ones below are Ruby and Lucy. Aren't they adorable? At this point they still had their matching dresses on, but that didn't last long. They preferred hanging by the pool in their birthday suits.
Next year we go to Modesto to see the Carvalho family, and we'll have a 9-month old with us!

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