Sunday, March 30, 2008

$74.98... And All I Got Was A Tank Of Gas

With gas prices at an all-time high, I usually opt for the off brand gas these days. Quik Stop, Rotten Robbie, you name it. If the price is right, I'm there.

However, on Friday I had to settle for a Chevron right in the heart of the Silicon Valley, less than two miles away from Cisco's Headquarters and other companies full of employees making plenty of money. I don't know if this is what makes this particular Chevron charge more, but I've noticed it's usually at least a nickel higher than other Chevron's I drive by, and 20 cents higher than the Quick Stop on my street.

On Friday I had no choice. I was running on empty and needed fuel, so rather than run out of gas on the freeway, I stopped at this overpriced Chevron and inserted my credit card into pump number 6. I considered only putting in enough gas to get me to the Quick Stop, but then said "ah, what the hey, it'll only be a few bucks extra anyway", and let it keep going until it clicked full.

When it was all said and done, the meter read $74.98!!!! I was shocked. Never had I broke 70, and here I was halfway to 80. I think my previous record was 68 and change. I then had the idea to print out my receipt for proof. Here it is:

For now I'm tolerant of my gas guzzling Ford Explorer because I have no car payment. However, with gas prices what they are and showing no signs of returning to below $3/gallon anytime soon (if ever), my future cars will need to be a lot kinder at the pump, or no deal!

High gas prices in general could be a blessing in disguise if you consider the environment. As consumers get increasingly fed up with spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month on gas, the demand will grow and grow for environmentally friendly cars that are cheaper to fill up. It's already evident with how popular the Prius is, and who knows what the car companies will come up with next that is even better.

I find it funny that the receipt has a customer satisfaction survey link on it. I could go on there and complain about their high prices, but I'm pretty sure that'd be a waste of my time.

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mike said...

regular in town is 389 here... as a low... at high end stations it soars higher... consider yourself lucky...

PS the spinning baby is scary...