Thursday, March 13, 2008

19 Games To Determine Warriors Fate

Hopefully you can read the below image. If you can't, click on it. If you follow the Warriors like I do then there is really no need to read this post. This post if for the rest of you that need some briefing on what is going on with the Bay Area's most entertaining sports team (and perhaps the NBA's most entertaining team).
If the season ended today the Warriors would be safely into the playoffs as the 8th seed in the extremely competitive Western Conference. But, the season doesn't end today. They have 19 games left and all of them are against Western Conference foes. Last night they played their final Eastern Conference opponent, beating the Toronto Raptors and going 20-10 against East teams this year.

So as you can see by studying the standings that there is a lot of work to be done in the remaining 19 games. Only 4.5 games separate the first place Lakers from the 8th place Warriors, so a bad stretch of games can sink any of those top 8 teams right out of playoff contention. And now that they are all playing each other (and not the eastern conference) it's going to be really interesting - and hopefully really exciting for our friends in Oakland. However, the lingering possibility that they could fall out of the playoff race has me nervous and on the edge of my seat.

I will no doubt be watching every game, praying for victories and a chance to watch them have another shot at playoff heroics. Last year I made it to two of the three home playoff games against Dallas and there's no doubt I'll try to get inside Oracle Arena again if they are able to earn their way into the post season in the most competitive playoff race the NBA has ever seen!

Set your DVR to record Lost tonight and watch it this weekend like I will. Instead, turn your attention to some real life drama and watch the Warriors/Suns battle it out in Phoenix on national television. The game starts at 7:30pm on TNT, see ya there.

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