Monday, February 18, 2008

My Sisters With Me Through the Years

I've been doing some file maintenance lately, and in doing so, have been looking at some old pictures. This is when I got the idea to share some pictures of me with my two sisters over the years.

Pictures of me with Trisha date back to my birth, as she was born 2 1/2 years before me. Beth, on the other hand, was born a few months after my tenth birthday.


The young Narduzzi family just starting out their journey:

What a great team:

I'd do anything to fit in with big sis, including wear a leotard:

Ah yes, Disneyland:

First day of 3rd and 5th grade, respectively:


The annual in-front-of-the-xmas-tree photo:

Trisha and I reading to Beth (notice how nicely combed Beth's hair is!):

My sisters helping me celebrate my birthday:

Trisha graduates from UCLA in June, 2000:

Trisha is now 30 and living and working in San Francisco. Beth is 17 (18 in July) and a senior in high school. Next year she will be attending my alma mater - Cal Poly SLO.

Here we're together just last month in Oklahoma at a wedding (that I posted about here):

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