Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mac As A Puppy

My parents are the proud owner of a West Highland Terrier name Mac. Mac is five years old and is a great dog. He is also one of the few dogs that Bosco has befriended in his life. There is just something about Mac that Bosco likes that no other dog has! Perhaps it's the fact that Mac is the first dog Bosco ever interacted with? Bosco tends to love people, but not so much other dogs - Mac being the exception. We don't even bother taking Bosco to the dog park anymore because he just follows us around rather than interacting with the other dogs.

It's been so long since Mac was a puppy so I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of him from back then. These were taken when I came home from San Luis Obispo for the weekend just to see my parents new addition to the family (I think in early 2003).

On the front porch:

On the stairs:

With my Mom (before my parents did their backyard):

Darcy meets Mac:

Grown up Mac looking at Bosco trying on his raincoat this past Xmas:

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