Sunday, February 3, 2008

Against Me! Opens Up For The Foo Fighters

Last night I went to The Foo Fighters concert at Oracle Arena in Oakland with a colleague from work. We were treated to a great show with all the well-known Foo Fighter hits as well as a few of their new songs from their recently released sixth studio album.

David Grohl as he walked out to the center of the arena, right by where we were standing:

This was not my first time ever seeing The Foo Fighters. In October of 2006 Darcy and I saw them play an acoustic set at the Bridge School Benefit concert at Shoreline.

For those of you not aware, The Foo Fighters emerged following the April 5th, 1994 suicide of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. David Grohl - who was Nirvana's drummer - is now the lead singer/guitarist and creative force for The Foo Fighters. He's an extremely talented musician, singer, and entertainer.

Even though The Foo Fighters are a great live show, they weren't the sole reason I was willing the shell out $85 for a general admission ticket. The opening band, Against Me!, is a band I have been listening to consistently for the last two months. When I found out they were opening, that's when I knew I had to attend this show. As good as the Foo Fighters were, I enjoyed Against Me! even more.

Against Me! pictured here:

For those of you who think you may have similar taste in music to me, do yourself a favor and get Against Me!'s new album New Wave. The album is great all the way through, and if you're like me and are always looking for new music to work out to, there are a few tracks on New Wave that make great exercise music.

Link to Against Me! website HERE. If you are only able to listen to a few songs, check out 'Up The Cuts', 'Thrash Unreal', and 'Americans Abroad'.

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