Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back Left Tire Blows On The Way To Work!!

Today I got up fairly early to go to work - at about 5:30am. My plan was to be at work by 7am and have a very productive day - A good day. Well... it didn't work out that way.

At about the halfway point driving to work on 880N I was startled by a really loud popping sound - it sounded like an explosion! I wasn't sure what is was, and at first speculated that it might have been a rock hitting my window. But as I scanned around for a shatter I didn't see one. What could it be? After 20 seconds of pondering I was willing to forget about it when all of a sudden my car started handling funny, trying to pull me left. I then realized my tire was completely flat and I knew I had to pull over. Bummer! I pulled to a stop right before the Brokaw exit, which was at least a mile past where I initially heard the pop.

I call Darcy. I call my boss. Then I call roadside assistance (more like a call center in Nowhere, USA) and they dispatch a local resource to come to my rescue. I wait...

I quickly found out after they got there that the spare under my car was not accessible due to my not having the tool necessary to unlatch it. Apparently when I bought my used Explorer in 2002 it didn't include the kit that allows access to the spare tire. Consequently, I waited nearly 45 minutes to find out I needed a tow! I called the tow and 30 minutes later it was there. So much for getting to work by 7!

I didn't get the tow trucks driver's name, but I did get to meet him a little bit. He looked to be in his low thirties, maybe younger, and had recently come to America from Isreal. He started out in New York for six months and has now been in San Jose for six months. He cited the horrible horrible horrible traffic in New York as his reason for venturing west. He admitted that the traffic is bad here too, but only during rush hours. In New York it's always rush hour.

I had him drive me to Pacific Tire in Milpitas, which is the tire shop I bought my tires at a couple of years ago. I left it there for repair. Luckily, he offered to take me to work, and I accepted. I got to work at 9am.

If you don't remember the bad days you can't appreciate the good ones!

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