Monday, January 14, 2008

Tulsa, Oklahoma

This weekend I was in Tulsa, Ok with my parents and two sisters. The occasion was the the wedding of Merideth Freeman, who is the daughter of my parents longtime friends - Steve and Becky Freeman. Here's my dad with his longtime buddy Steve:

The Narduzzi and Freeman parents at the wedding:

My parents met the Freemans in the late 1970's when the Freemans lived in Santa Rosa for a couple years. Nearly 30 years later the two families are still "family friends". Flying out to see Merideth's wedding was a good excuse to see each other again, and was a special event we didn't want to miss.

Here is Merideth with her new husband, Brian Hood:

Thomas Freeman is Merideth's younger brother. He is 22 and in his final semester at Oklahoma State University. We went out on the town Friday night after the rehearsal dinner, pictured here:

Here's a shot of my two sisters and I at the wedding:

In August of 1992 as a 12 year-old, I flew to Tulsa by myself to spend a week with the Freemans. It was a great experience. At that time Merideth was just 9, and her brother Thomas was 7. This weekend was one of only two or three times I've seen the Freeman kids since then.

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MotB-bf said...

This past weekend, Tulsa experienced one of the most joyous and beautiful occasions, the Sacrament of Marriage between Merideth Freeman and Brian Hood. After 5 days of wedding & shower parties, bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner parties, wedding ceremony, dancing, joyously beautiful reception and after parties, we could not have been more blessed by the presence of all 5 members of the Narduzzi family. It was great having them come for the weekend to Tulsa to be a part of this special time. They were 5 of 240 great family friends sharing this family event.
Maybe at the 1 year anniversary, we can all reunite with Merideth & Brian in Miami or better yet in Tulsa so we can go to the Cain's Ballroom and dance to the Playboys. Afterwards, we can all bunk at our place. You know, it seems like a large busy world, but it's not really, it's just as big as you want it to be.