Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Officially Back to Work

Despite barely anyone being in the office, I worked Monday, December 31st, for the first time since Friday, December 21st. The ten consecutive days off started with a bang as we traveled all over the bay area celebrating Christmas over and over again. The later part of the break was then very relaxing once we returned home. We are already 13 episodes into Lost: Season 3. With only 11 more to go we'll surely be caught up when season 4 starts on ABC in late January/early February.

After having New Years Day off yesterday, work is officially back today with the office back in full swing. With zero vacation days to play around with my foreseeable future has five day work week after five day work week.

The only possible exceptions I can think of are President's Day in late February, which offers up a three day weekend, and Easter, which could offer up a day off depending on if my company decides to give Good Friday off.

For those of you that don't understand what the picture above is: It's the famous 'TPS Report' from the movie 'Office Space, signifying being back at work.

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