Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mizuno MX-25's

Most people who know me know I love golf. I've played pretty regularly for as long as I can remember, and plan on playing for the rest of my life - hopefully a lot!

For the last ten years I've been using old Ping irons. In the late 90's my across-the-street neighbor in Santa Rosa handed them down to my dad and he passed them on to me (since he preferred the clubs he already had). The Pings have been great. I've hit many memorable shots with them, and have had many great rounds with them. However, it was time to upgrade. Investing in today's golf technology will be advantageous for me as I continue to try to improve my game. The Pings just might be me as old as me!

I selected a highly recommended club for people at my skill level - the Mizuno MX-25. They are forged, but still have a cavity back for forgiveness.

Here is what they look like:

Up close...

Up even closer...

I also needed a new bag, so asked them to show me what they had. They presented me with 5 or so bags and offered me 10% off any bag in the store, so I bit. I went with a black Sun Mountain. They claimed it was the lightest bag they had, which sounded good to me. I also like the way it looks and feels.

Weather permitting, Darcy and I are playing San Jose Muni tomorrow morning at 7:34.

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