Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Frisbee Time!

Today Bosco got out of the house in a good way. I grabbed his bright orange dog-frisbee, strapped him on his leash, and off we went to the park! I have to hide his frisbee under my shirt rather than let him see it. If he sees me with it he gets spastic, and I'd rather him not be so rambunctious if I can avoid it.

At the park, lucky Bosco got to be leash-free, which he loves. Our game is for me to throw the frisbee as far as I can, and for him to sprint after it.

Ideally Bosco would fetch the frisbee and run right back to his master - Me. But no, Bosco is much too stubborn to do that. Instead, I walk toward him as he walks in a random direction. When we meet and I grab the frisbee, which is firmly gripped in his mouth.

Then, the game of tug-o-war begins. As I grip the frisbee, Bosco starts growling as he resists my taking it from him. When I pull up, I can literally pick him off the ground with him hanging, biting down and struggling to hold on. Here's an up close shot of one of our many games of tug-o-war.

The entire time we're out on the grass Bosco is in a great mood. He is also very intense. When I finally do wrestle the frisbee away from him, he stares at me with the expression below, doing his best to anticipate his next opportunity to sprint 30 yards with a purpose!

I throw it, and off he goes again!

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