Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Against Warrior Fans Booing Dunleavy

I want to go on record as saying I didn't appreciate the Warrior fans treatment of Mike Dunleavy last night in his first return to Oracle Arena since being traded to the Pacers last January.

Dunleavy may have not lived up to his billing as the overall third pick of the 2002 draft, but he is not solely to blame for the Warriors being a bad team with him there. I don't know what these 'booers' expected from him anyways. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Dunleavy is not capable of putting a team on his back by himself. At Duke, Jason Williams and Carlos Boozer were both better players than he was. He is a smart player that if complimented with other good players - and perhaps a great one - could be a nice piece to a winning team. He is not, however, a "franchise" player, and it's not his fault the Warriors decided to give him a $42M contract!

Warrior fans should have taken the high road last night and not booed Dunleavy. He worked hard as a Warrior for four years, had some good games, and it was the trade that included him that is the reason the Warriors are the team they are now.

Last night I found myself disappointed in the immaturity of my favorite team's fans. If I were there, I would have politely clapped when Dunleavy's name was announced.

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