Sunday, January 20, 2008

I stand corrected... sort of

I wrote earlier that with the freezing temperatures in New England and Green Bay there was no hope for good football, and that it's disappointing that such huge games have to be played in such miserable weather. I still feel this way, but must admit, today's games were pretty darn good.

New York just beat the Packers in OT 23-20, and it was a great game! It's still obvious the weather had an impact, but it did not deter it from the games entertainment value. I also believe the better team won, but you never know what might have happened if Favre could have aired it out to his athletic receivers. The Pats/Charger game was fairly well-played as well, but the weather wasn't as severe either. In that game it was more of a bummer that LT wasn't able to play and that Gates and Rivers were hobbled.

In any case, I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl in two weeks, which features one proven Super Bowl championship quarterback against another who is looking for his first.

Even though I usually root for the underdog, I can't help but hope The Patriots are able to continue their unbeaten season and make it a perfect 19-0. At least one things for sure, the pre-game talk will be about the game - and not the weather!

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