Friday, January 4, 2008

First Weekend of the New Year.... And No Plans!

Darcy and I are kicking off the first weekend of the new year in a big way with absolutely no plans whatsoever!

Originally we had plans to help our friends with their baseboard project on Sunday, but they called it off because a superintendent one of them works with offered his assistance. With the baseboard project off the calendar, here's a list of what we may be up to over the next couple days.

- Four NFL games. Two Saturday. Two Sunday.
- Lost: Season 3. Only 8 episodes left.
- One, maybe two trips to 24 Hour Fitness.
- Take Bosco for a walk (or two). Weather permitting.
- Warrior game vs. New Orleans Friday night.
- Guitar. I'm currently trying to master 'Everlong' by the Foo Fighters.
- Time on the Internet.
- Get plenty of sleep!

Here are my predictions for the NFL games and we'll see how I do.
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh - I pick Jacksonville
Washington at Seattle - I pick Washington
New York Giants at Tampa Bay - I pick New York
Tennessee at San Diego - I pick San Diego

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