Sunday, January 6, 2008

Canon Rebel SLR

For xmas I bought Darcy the Canon Rebel SLR 10.1 mega pixel digital camera. It's a higher end camera than your basic "pocket-able" digital camera. With it you can take much higher quality photos, and more of them (with its ability to shutter rapidly). You can take multiple pictures one after the other, easily able to catch that key moment, such as your dog being in the perfect pose or your kid kicking a ball or receiving an award.

In addition, The Canon Rebel SLR is compatible with various lenses that enable precision focusing and zooming that help create poster-like scenic pictures and professional quality close-ups of faces.

With the camera, I also bought a carrying case and a telephoto lens (telephoto lens not used below. It's twice as long).

The pictures yesterday of the snowcapped views in Silicon Valley were taken with this camera. It was fun to just take it outside and snap away. For any of you that are like me and like taking pictures, this camera, or one like it from Nikon, are a worthy investment. They allow you to take better pictures and to get creative. And, if by chance you become an enthusiast, there are entire books written on what you can do with them!

However, it's a must to stay motivated to use this type of camera and not get lazy about 'dragging it out of its case'. Admittedly, it's less convenient to lug around and keep with you for extended periods of time. For example, I don't suspect we'll be bringing it to any concerts or company xmas parties. My Canon Elph will get the call for those events. Also, since it's more valuable, you will feel the need to take special care of it, which takes effort.

When deciding whether you should get a camera such as a Rebel, you first need to make sure you'll be committed to using it. If you are, you'll have a lot of fun.

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