Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fantasy Football 2007

Today my fantasy team prevailed in the semi-finals of my ten team fantasy football league. My team was lead by Adam Stecker and the San Diego defense, and I was able to win despite off days by Tony Romo, Antonio Gates, and Joey Galloway. Also contributing to my win was a bad day for my opponent. His team featured usually dangerous Terrell Owens, Matt Hasselbeck, and the Pittsburgh defense, who all failed to help him much.

Next weekend I'm in the finals competing not only for the $600 grand prize, but for the ability to say that I have won a fantasy football championship in my lifetime. This would somehow make my life feel more complete.

I'll be in Modesto next Sunday for the holidays when the majority of the games are going down, but that won't stop me from being glued to my laptop as well as the TV watching it all unfold.

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