Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Vacation Has Begun...

I'm lucky enough to work for a company that shuts down for a week between Christmas and New Years. As a result, I don't have to report to work again until December 31st. Half of my vacation will be spent touring the bay area, and the second half is TBD.

Yesterday evening after work Darcy and I packed up my Ford Explorer to capacity with suitcases, gifts, Bosco's bed, golf clubs, etc. and headed to San Francisco. We stayed at Darcy's sister Meghan's place on 10th and Irving. Meghan made us dinner and went out with us to the Solstice Lounge (corner of Divisadero and California) to celebrate Trisha's 30th birthday. We had a good time seeing not only my sister, but many of her friends who we haven't seen in awhile.

This morning we woke up, gathered all our belongings, and repacked the Explorer. I had to walk to my car a block away, but luckily got the parking spot right in front of her door which made things easier. However, we now had Meghan and all her belongings, which included a snowboard that I loaded onto my ski rack. My car has never been so full as it was today and I was unable to see out the back window because it was literally packed to the ceiling! The drive to Modesto was traffic-free, but I drove very cautiously, changing lanes as infrequently as possible and slowing down considerably for turns.

I'm now sitting on Darcy's parents couch with my laptop as Bosco naps next to me. We'll be in Modesto until Monday night when we drive to Santa Rosa, and then depending on whether I play golf with my dad on Wednesday or not, I will either head back to The Silicon Valley early Wednesday morning with Darcy or Wednesday night/Thursday morning with whoever can drive me.

Tomorrow, I compete in my fantasy football championship matchup. My opponent already had Torry Hold play for the Rams on Thursday night, who thankfully for me didn't put up good numbers for him, and I have Tony Romo going tonight in the NFL Network's Saturday night game.

My next post will probably be to tell you how I faired; and if I'm a 'Super Bowl' champion.

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