Saturday, December 29, 2007

Breaks Are Good...

Narduzzi Nation doesn't have 'tons' of readers, but more than a few of you have made a habit of checking in regularly. I appreciate you, and I write with you in mind. I try to make it as interesting as possible, and enjoy the fact that what I'm writing actually will be read!

I haven't posted since two days before xmas. I didn't plan for this stoppage, it just sort of happened. I'm here to announce that Narduzzi Nation should be back to usual form effective immediately, so I hope I didn't lose you. Breaks are good, and it was nice over the last week to ditch the internet, not think about work, and just enjoy some time with family and friends while being totally unconnected from my usual routines. I hope you all had a nice break as well. All good things come to an end, and I'm happy to get back into my normal routine and focus on the many things I'm excited for in 2008.

Currently Darcy and I are watching the Patriots/Giants game. I finally decided to boot up the laptop for the first time since before xmas as I've been checking email solely on the Blackberry since then. We are bbq'ing shish kabob and relaxing after a day of cleaning the entire condo, and watching Lost: Season 3. We got it for xmas.

Lastly, I want to apologize for not adding closure to my fantasy football saga. I left many of you hanging going into Monday night's game where I needed San Diego's defense and Charger tight end Antonio Gates to have productive games for me. It ended beautifully as the Charger defense allowed just three points with two interceptions, four sacks, and a fumble recovery; good for 17 fantasy points! I didn't even need the 2.4 points that Antonio Gates provided with his one catch for 24 yards. It turns out I get $500 for winning the league (I actually win $400 because $100 of it is my ante). More importantly, however, I get to live the rest of my life with the ability to say I have been a fantasy football champion!

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