Thursday, December 13, 2007

BBall Season Ends with 47-44 Loss

Last night marked the end of my second season of church league basketball. Despite cruising into the playoffs with a 5-1 record, we only made it to the second round of the playoffs, which was the quarterfinals. The game was close, and one we should have won had we just executed better. But the bottom line is we just didn't get it done, and I make no excuses.

Losing one of our hardest working players to a dislocated pinky finger turned out to be a big loss. He was he type of player who could go the whole game without scoring a single point and still make his mark on the game. He rebounded, guarded the best player on the opposing team, and dove for loose balls. Without him, we sorely lacked those intangibles. I look forward to having him back on the team next season, which starts in March sometime.

Had we won the game we would have played Saturday at 1pm in the semifinals, and then Sunday evening in either in the finals or 3rd place game.

Bottom line, if we are going to compete for a championship in this league in future seasons, we are going to need to add a big man who can fill up the middle for us, rebound, and score down low every once in a while.

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