Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Update...

- Today I'm interested to read the report of the 60-80 baseball players being outed on the so called, "Mitchell Report".

- Darcy's company Christmas party is tomorrow night. Like every year, it is at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. I'll get to debut my suit that I had tailor made in China.

- My company's Christmas party is next Thursday night, December 20th, at Hotel Valencia in Santana Row.

- Today is my last day of a four day training (for work) in San Mateo, CA. The commute has been a lot longer than usual, but still not too bad. The first two days I took 85/101 and the next two days I went 85/280/92. Despite being a few miles longer, I prefer the 280 way. It's a little smoother drive and is faster, especially on the way home. I'm currently on break as I type this.

- My company shuts down the week of xmas so I will be off the week of the 24th-28th. I do have to work New Years Eve, but then have Tuesday, New Year's Day off.

- The current holiday plan is to head to San Francisco Friday night, December 21st, to celebrate my sister Trisha's birthday. She turns 30 on December 18th and a couple of her friends turn 30 about the same time, so they are having a joint celebration. That night we're (including Bosco) staying with Meghan (Darcy's sister), who lives in the city. Then, on the 22nd, we're all are driving to Modesto for the Baker side of the holiday celebration. After seeing both sides of her family on the 23rd (yes, Darcy's mom's side is celebrating xmas on the the 23rd), and 24th, we'll head to Santa Rosa to celebrate xmas with my side of the family. Darcy has to work on the 26th and I'd like to stay an extra day to visit so we'll see how it works out when I end up leaving SR. We're not taking two cars but have yet to work out the logistics on how I'd get back to San Jose if I stay in the North Bay an extra day.

- New Year's Eve: Our friends Krissy and Andrew are coming over for dinner and games.

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