Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Recap, And Me As Tiger

Weekend Recap -

This weekend flew by as weekends usually do when we leave town. We went to Modesto/Ceres for the weekend for Darcy's good friend Melissa's wedding reception. She got married in Hawaii three weeks ago, but had a reception this weekend so more of their family and friends could be there. The event started with a video of their wedding ceremony on the beach in Hawaii on a large projection screen. We watched the 20 minute video from our tables, and when it ended, Melissa and Shannon (her new husband) entered the party as we all cheered them. Melissa was dressed in white, there was a cake, a first dance, and a money dance, just like there would be as if it was the "real" wedding.

Here is Darcy and I at the event Saturday night:

Sunday was dedicated to relaxation, playing the guitar, and watching football. Due to daylight savings we got an extra hour, and took full advantage of it. Mike (Darcy's dad) taught me a few bar chords, so now I'm on a mission to master them, which is a whole new challenge. I also jammed it up a little on his electric guitar, which was so much fun that now I'm itching to buy one!

The Niner's played the lowly Atlanta Falcons at 10am, and lost, making them even more lowly than Atlanta! It's pretty sad. Alex Smith is looking more and more like a bust as he continues to overthrow wide open receivers. Great (even good) quarterbacks make those plays and it seems like 'Mr. $24 million guaranteed' just doesn't have ice in his veins when the opportunities arise to show that he is capable of making big-time plays. Following the 49ers disappointing loss, we watched the game of the day, which was the undefeated Patriots against the undefeated Colts. The game was full of excitement, as the Patriots came back from 10 down with 8 minutes left to win 24-20. The entire game had the feel of a Colts win, but it wasn't to be for Peyton Manning and the city of Indianapolis. I was rooting for the Pats so am happy with the result, but am glad the game lived up to the hype. The game ended at 4:30pm, and this is when Darcy, Bosco and I packed up our things and headed back to the Silicon Valley. We had to drop Meghan (Darcy's sister) off at the Pleasanton BART station, and got home at 6:20. We didn't have any severe traffic, but the roads were definitely crowded.

Darcy' parents have a 12 week old beagle named Cooper that is very cute. He got cozy with Mike during the game yesterday. They sat like this for nearly an hour, most of the time with their eyes closed:

Me As Tiger -
My company is fairly festive for Halloween and I got into the spirits last Wednesday and dressed up. When it comes to Halloween, I don't go overboard, but I usually do something. I don't want to be uncomfortable all day or spend too much money on a costume, but I also don't want to be the guy who doesn't do anything. This year I decided to be Tiger Woods. I have golf shoes and the necessary accessories already. I have black pants, and I have a red shirt. As most of you probably know, Tiger is known for wearing red on Sunday's. All I had to do was buy a TW hat, so Tuesday after work I drove to The Sports Authority and found the TW hat I needed to complete my costume. I also brought my putter and sand wedge into work, along with a few golf balls. My manager then went into the back warehouse and brought out a practice putting green for the day, which was a lot of fun. Here's how looked (this picture was taken as I was leaving and had changed out of my golf shoes):

I also competed in a company sponsored pie eating contest at lunch. 30 or so people were gathered around the table to watch as me and three other colleagues stuffed our faces with pie. I didn't end up winning, but nearly finished a pumpkin pie (minus the crust) in two minutes. The contest was good entertainment for everyone though, and despite losing, it was a lot of fun. It was my first time ever competing in 'speed-eating', and maybe my last.


Anonymous said...

That-a-boy! I like to see the Tiger Woooo!

Mike P. said...

Tiger is a good choice... and a highly recognizable one...