Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Festivities

This year it was my parent's turn to have us over for Thanksgiving...which would be held at their house with the Carvalho side (my mom's side) of the family. Jeff, Bosco and I drove to Ceres on Wednesday night, chatted with the family a bit, and then set up the Wii which would prove to be a huge part of our Thanksgiving festivities.

Mom and Meghan playing Wii tennis

Our Turkey Day was a lot of fun. The younger cousins enjoyed playing Guitar Hero III on the Wii all day. They only came out to eat dinner and dessert.

My cousin Rachel playing Guitar Hero.

Along with "virtual" guitar, there was also some real guitar playing going on.
Meghan and Jeff teaching Anthony the "real" guitar (he wasn't a big fan of Guitar Hero)

We got to see a lot of the new puppy Cooper who is getting big. Bosco still doesn't like him, but is becoming a little more tolerant when Cooper wants to play.

Cooper at 15 weeks

Thursday night after the family left, our newlywed friends Melissa and Shannon came over and we played the Wii (Guitar Hero and a little tennis) until 1am.

Friday, after a typical La Morenita lunch (we got there everytime we go to see my folks), Jeff got put to work helping my dad build a new section of fence. I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but it looked a lot better when they were done.

Friday evening Melissa and Shannon came over again, along with Jennifer, Jeff and Shonna. We played the wii for a couple hours and then headed to downtown Modesto. Luckily, we stopped at the Speakeasy first, where my favorite local guitarist Neil Buettner was playing. We ended up staying there almost until closing time.

Overall, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and a much needed four days off from work. Next year we'll be spending it with the Narduzzis in Santa Rosa.

Bosco felt left out, so I had to add a picture of him (and Jeff making a silly face)

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