Monday, November 19, 2007

Lake Nacimiento

This weekend Darcy and I headed south to Lake Nacimiento, which is a man-made lake that is a winding 30 minute drive northwest of Paso Robles, CA. We hung out with 5 friends from college, one of whose parents own the lake house. Here is the view of the lake from the house's back deck:

We arrived Friday night at about 8pm, just before everyone else. Luckily for us, Rex brought his Nintendo Wii and Guitar Hero complete with two guitars. It was great having two guitars so everyone could get to play more.

We proceeded to jam into the 'Wii hours', Rex and I staying up the latest until 2 o'clock in the morning. Guitar Hero is fun, challenging, and addicting. Had it not been sold out Sunday night at Costco, Best Buy, and Target, Darcy and I would already own it. We'll be going back to Target Tuesday night to hopefully get one from their next shipment. Guitar Hero is a must have for any Nintendo Wii owner!

Mike and Darcy's turn:

Saturday we ventured out to a couple of wineries: Tablas Creek and Justin. At Tablas Creek we stood around and tasted. We got an extensive tasting because Chelsea, who is Mandi's brother Trevor's girlfriend, works there. At Justin we got a picnic table, snacked on cheese and crackers, and enjoyed the beautiful November Central Coast weather:

Saturday evening back at the house, we went for a walk down to the lake. When we got back from our walk we cooked a great meal, and played more Guitar Hero. Before it got dark, we gathered for a group photo out on the deck, taking advantage of the timer feature on our cameras.

left to right: Jeff (with Bosco), Darcy, Eric, Mandi (parents own house), Mike, Rex, Kelsey

The last thing worth noting is that we finally opened up our large B.R. Cohn bottle of wine on Saturday night. It was a wedding gift from my good friend Brent Piekny's mom Paula. She works at B.R. Cohn, a great winery in Glen Ellen, CA. We had considered cracking it open numerous times, but never did until 14 months after receiving it. We knew we had to wait for a momentous occasion and this one seemed like it. The wine bottle has "September 16th, 2006" written on it in Paula's handwriting, and to immortalize the event of finally opening it, we decided to take a picture with it.

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Mike P. said...

Word on the summary... except... you didnt state that i was whooping on Darcy in the photo...

I was honored to be the choice for the GHIII representative photo...

Good luck on the search, they are all sold out here too, that is why rex had to get it for me in LA...