Thursday, November 1, 2007

4-0 After Forfeit

Last night was a bummer. I drove out to far east San Jose for my 9pm basketball game to find the other team only had four players, and of those four, only two of them had any skills. We played anyway, but it wasn't competitive or as good of a workout as usual. About ten minutes into the game a fifth guy showed up for them and started playing, which gave them an automatic forfeit (not that it mattered because they were going to lose anyways).

We played until they called a timeout in the second half with seven minutes left. Instead of playing the rest of the game, they decided that since it was already 10pm at that point to just call it a game in order to let the next game start on time. We happily agreed with their idea to end the game early and get on our way. The score at that point was a lop-sided 70-28.

Last night's game was an anomaly in an otherwise competitive league. Perhaps it was a blessing to have this happen last night of all nights since we were down to five players ourselves. One of our guys was out with a damaged hand for the second week in a row and another was trick-or-treating with his daughter. Next week there is no games, but we'll be back on the hardwood on November 14th looking to stay undefeated.

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