Wednesday, October 24, 2007


- Darcy and I got our carpets professionally cleaned on Monday. The same guy did it that we used a couple years ago. The carpets look brand new! We got a little deal too because our next door neighbor Larry got his done as well, and we referred the business.

- The World Series starts tonight. Go Rockies. After watching the Red Sox win three straight very convincingly over the Indians, it's hard to see them losing. However, that's the beauty of baseball, anything can happen. Do you all realize that if there is a game 5 (which is likely), then Denver will be the host of both Monday night football (Broncos host the Packers) and a world series game on the same night. This would be quite a rare occurrence, and I challenge anyone to find out if it's ever happened before, and if so, when and where.

- My third basketball game is tonight. The games every Wednesday are either at 7,8,9, or 10, and tonight we are stuck with the dreaded 10pm game. This means I get home at about 11:30, shower, and then get to bed hopefully by midnight. That's rough when my alarm clock is set at 5:05am!

- Yesterday Ticketmaster spammed me a code to get floor "VIP" seats to the Billy Joel concert that will be Saturday night, November 10th, at Oracle Arena in Oakland. I curiously logged into Ticketmaster to see how good of seats I could get and how much they would be. I ended up buying two tickets on the floor, 25 rows from the stage! I've been a fan of Billy Joel for a long time, and know most of his music. I remember getting the cassette of his 'Storm Front' album for Christmas when I was about ten years old. My favorite song on it is 'We Didn't Start the Fire', a song that I still can recite every word to. Who said spam wasn't an effective marketing tool? It worked on me yesterday.

- This Saturday is Bridge School, which is rapidly approaching. We found out late last week that the main attraction for us, Eddie Vedder of Pearl jam, has backed out due to "family issues". In his place will be the band My Morning Jacket. We have heard good things about this band, but are not familiar with their music. We are hopeful they are good, but are still excited to see Metallica and John Mayer play their acoustic sets. We're also very hopeful the "The Boss" aka Bruce Springsteen will show up as a surprise performer. It makes perfect sense because he is playing at Oracle Arena this Thursday and Friday and has nothing on his tour schedule for the weekend. I'll be sure to let you know if the rumors/speculation turn out to be true.

- The Warriors start next Tuesday, October 30th, at home against the Utah Jazz. I can't wait! I heard Stephen Jackson is out the first seven games, but I don't know why. I need to find out. Probably for some sort of punishment knowing him.

- Darcy and I bought pumpkins this weekend and will be carving them Sunday evening. If anyone would like to join our little pumpkin carving party you are welcome to. The more the merrier and it's always fun to see who can come up with something original.

- I was going to be Tiger Woods for Halloween, but have not found the motivation to accumulate a costume. I was going to wear his signature Sunday red and black pants, buy a TW hat, and arm myself with other golf accessories like tees and a glove, but have not got around to it. Who knows, maybe I never will.


Anonymous said...

You gotta be Tiger Woo! Are you telling me you dont have black pants and a red shirt and some golf stuff? You don't even need a polo since he rocks the mocks. It would be sick!

The Downeaster Alexa is pretty sweet to from the Piano Man's catelogue.
My fav: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.


Talia said...

What were you guys for Halloween?? I was Clera Patchera.