Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Writer's Block

I have writers block in that I can't think of a good topic to dedicate a post to. Darcy filled you all in on last weekend's Rocktoberfest, and other than that it's been work as usual. And since I don't blog about work, I'm a little short of material. I could write about how I'm watching Journeyman, am going to give Friday Night Lights a shot, and am still loving NBC's The Office, but that doesn't sound very interesting. I have another basketball game tonight, but there is no way I can top last weeks story, so why try. In the sports world, I'm excited for the Warriors to start, but the two more weeks I have to wait for them to play a meaningful game feels like an eternity. Right now whether or not Kobe Bryant is going to get traded is a pretty entertaining saga though. I'm pretty uninterested in the 49ers even though I still pay attention to them in hopes they'll start playing better. By the way, I'm worried for coach Nolan if they keep up the way they're playing. I listen to sports talk radio every day, and they aren't nice to unsuccessful people. The Sharks started and even though I'm rooting for them and like going to their games sometimes, I'm just not a huge hockey fan. Golf is over for the winter as far as I'm concerned (Even though Tiger is still busy in the business world selling his "Tiger Brand" to Gatorade for $100 Million! Michael Jordan must even be jealous of that!). Oh yeah, and then there's the baseball playoffs. I'm rooting for the Rockies to win it all, and wouldn't mind seeing Cleveland beat Boston. If the Indians do end up losing to the Rockies in the world series, then their two world series defeats in the last 10 years will have been to two expansion teams who were winning their first ever championship. They lost to the Florida Marlins in 1997 who won the world series in only the fifth year of their existence.

As far as plans go, Darcy and I are busy the next two weekends. This weekend we will be hanging out with Abby and Matt, who are coming to the south bay to go to downtown Campbell to Oktoberfest with us. I hope the weather cooperates. The following weekend after that we have the Bridge School concert at Shoreline.

So back to my first sentence, I really don't know what to say!

Maybe tomorrow I will fill you in on how my basketball game went, but please don't expect another thriller.

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