Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rocktoberfest '07

This weekend Jeff and I went to Modesto to visit my family and to go to the first annual Rocktoberfest. My parents, along with my Aunt Barb and Uncle Rick put this party on at the new Baker Barn (Rick & Barb's new shop/barn) and it was a lot of fun. There were about 60 people there made up our friends and family. The first stop before Rocktoberfest was my parent's house where we got to meet Cooper, their new beagle. He is 9 weeks old and a big ball of energy. Unfortunately, Bosco was not really interested in playing or even looking at Cooper so it made for some interesting little spats between the two of them. Rocktoberfest turned out great, we had bratwurst, tri-tip, and German beer along with entertainment from Meghan Baker, Ice Age (my dad's band), and a special guest appearance by Japheth Simpson.

Cooper at 9 weeks
Jeff holding Addison Simpson, Brandi and Japheth Simpson's 5 week old baby girl. She is so cute!
Jase Wallick, Sonya's 8 month old son and Addison's cousin. Like his shirt says, he's a rock star.
The Pratt Family, minus Kayley (Jeff, Michael, and Jennifer.) As you can see, Michael had fun playing in the mud.
My cousin Jack Baker playing the drums. He is only 2 and already has them down pretty well.
Ice Age (my dad is on the left).

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louisgray said...

Yay, Cooper! We want more beagle pictures!