Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2nd Basketball Season Starts in 1hr

It's 6pm and I have to jet out of here in 10 minutes. I am heading out to east San Jose. I'm talking so far east San Jose that's it's on a hill that offers up a splendid view of the Silicon Valley. I have a 7pm basketball game that will be the first of a new season. This summer I played in the same basketball league and had a lot of fun.

The first season started in June, ended in August. My team went 5-1 in the regular season, and then lost in the second round of the playoffs, which was the quarterfinals. It was a disappointing loss but we clearly got beat in the game, not playing nearly well enough to win. In the offseason we have picked up a couple solid players, filling the void of a couple of guys who weren't around to play this season. My team was started by an colleague of mine from our days with our former employer - Synnex.

I'm excited to start a new season and hope I'm not rusty tonight. I haven't played since our playoff loss in August, and am just barely getting back into shape post-China and post-being sick.

I'll let you guys know tomorrow how the first game went.

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