Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Two Huge Quarter Final Match-ups Today and Tomorrow

Although fans would much rather see these match-ups take place in the semi-finals or finals, there are two huge quarter final matches this week at the US Open.

On the women's side, Serena Williams faces off against Justine Henin tonight. Henin is the 1 seed and Serena the 8th seed. However, Serena is much better than a typical 8th seed, and is only seeded that low because she plays so few tournaments throughout the year. Henin is a solid player, and has gotten the better of Serena in past major championship finals, so Serena will definitely be looking to avenge those losses. I look forward to seeing if Serena can overpower Henin tonight, or if the Belgian tennis phenom will have her number once again.

On Wednesday night, the dominant Roger Federer matches up with Andy Roddick. Federer owns Roddick historically, going 13-1 lifetime against him, with the only loss coming in Montreal in 2003. This match was a best out of three format, so Roddick is yet to beat Federer in a best out of five. It's hard to imagine Roddick playing well enough and/or Federer playing poorly enough to result in a Roddick upset, but I'll definitely be rooting for that to happen. With Roddick's powerful serve and the American crowd rooting him on, you never know what could happen.

Although it's a shame these match-ups are coming so soon in the tournament, it's better than them never coming at all. These match-ups are great for the fans and great for tennis, and I really hope the two Americans, S. Williams and Roddick, can prevail.

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